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Knitting Info


Abbreviations Commonly Used in
Noni Patterns

bo Bind off
CC Contrast color
co Cast on
K Knit
K1 Knit one stitch
K2tog Knit two stitches together
Kf&b Knit through the front and back of the stitch
Kn Knit number specified by n
lhn Left hand needle
M1 Increase using a make one
MC Main color
P Purl
P1 Purl one stitch
pm Place marker
Pn Purl number specified by n
rhn Right hand needle
RS Right side (in most cases the knit side, although sometimes used to refer to the side the pattern writer wants to show to the world)
sm Slip marker
SSK Slip, slip, knit. A type of decrease that slants the opposite direction from K2tog
St st Stockinette stitch: knit one row, purl the next and so on.
WS Wrong side (in most cases the purl side, though as with the “right side” it refers to the side the pattern writer wants to show on the outside).

Abbreviations Used for Denoting
Bag Sizes

C Circumference
CB Circumference of the bottom of the bag
CNP    Circumference at the narrowest point
D Depth
L Length
W Width