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A Little Bit of Hope and HeartFelt Purse Kit

The hardware package to use with A Little Bit of Hope Purses and Heart Felt Purses (the patterns are now FREE)


This little frame, available in two finishes - Antique Brass and Gunmetal - is just right for tiny hand-knitted and felted bags or fabric purses that carry little treasures and are little treasures themselves. The little bags I have designed for this frame are fun, flirty, and - trust me on this one - also practical.

The HeartFelt tiny purses with a tiny purse chain handle allows you hands-free perusal of the buffet offerings and also rocks as a change purse. It does an equally stunning job as your dinner out companion. A phone doesn't fit; so you can focus all your attention on the moment. Wear your Big Heartfelt like jewelry to a party. . . or, put your knitting notions in it and carry it in your favorite knitting tote. It is the perfect size for micro scissors, stitch markers, stitch holders, a diminutive needle gauge, and stitch counter: everything you need, am I right?

The HeartFelt sew-in purse frame is a lovely, diminutive purse frame ideal for the felted bag, sewn fabric bags, and they're too cute to pass by without making one or two.


Kit For Use With These Patterns

Little Bit of Hope
Heart Felt

Kit Contents

1 Tiny Purse Frame (gunmetal or antique brass)
1 Attached Chain (finish to match frame)
1 Nylon Beading Thread bobbin
1 Silver-lined Clear beads

Frame Dimensions

2 1/2" (6.35cm) at the widest point
1 1/2" (3.81cm) tall from hinge to apex of kiss lock

Metal Finishes:
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  • A Little Bit of Hope in Misty Blue with hand beading.

    A Little Bit of Hope Purse


    Delivery Method:

    I have been thinking a lot about hope as winter begins. For me, hope can be a small thing, but always with you. We tuck it away. Hold it tight in our hands or worry it with nervous fingers. Small hope gets us through. Hope is big. This tiny bag, is the little big bag that carries hope.

    As any knitter knows, the knitted gift is always more than its physical self. It is hours of thought, a meditation often, of love. Of hope. This tiny purse is no different, even though it is quick to knit and easy to finish. This tiny purse is perfect for small treasures. It is a re-usable gift box for a lovely gift. Or it is the gift itself. It is a bodacious stash buster, too, requiring only 20 yards of feltable worsted weight yarn. You don't have 20 yards of one color? Stripes are fun. Maybe more fun. Make several for tiny precious surprises or as a happy container for your stitch markers and other small knitting notions. Attach a key chain and carry it with you.

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  • Heartfelt Felted Purses Pattern

    Heartfelt Felted Purses Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    These little purses enchant me. I love making them and I love finishing them, decorating them with beads, with beaded hearts, with little knitted flowers (beaded Cherry Blossoms, for example). They are perfect little gift boxes for the necklace you want to give to a family member, or the ring you saw in the Antique Store window that made your think of your best friend and you had to get it for her, or the "something blue" earrings you lent to a God Daughter so she could have something borrowed and something blue, and a beautiful little keepsake purse to remember everything by.

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  • Seed beads and thread

    Seed Beads and Thread



    Using Shepherd's Wool yarn colors as the organizing principle, I have created color-matched packages that include a 1 gram package of no. 8 seed beads, and an 80yd (73m) bobbin of nylon beading thread. Each beads and thread combination is packaged in a re-useable, screw-top tin.

    There are enough beads in this combination package to finish any tiny - medium-sized purse that requires a purse frame and still have some beads left over for embellishment.

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  • Shepherd's Wool yarn in select colors

    Shepherds Wool Worsted



    ON SAAAALE $13.25 per skein for in-stock yarn from now until Noni closes. The price for colors I have to order is $13.95. I will be ordering out-of-stock colors on May 30 and shipping as soon as it comes in.

    IMPORTANT: If the color you want is sold out, get in touch. I can special order it for you but the discount for special orders will only be 10% - I cannot extend additional discounts to special orders.

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