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Amazing Pedestal Bag Feet

A beautiful bag foot that screws-in for quick, gorgeous finishing.


If you want bag feet that make a statement, these are the perfect. The pedestal nature of these feet will immediately become a focal point on the bottom of your bag, dressing up even the most unassuming bag with their high polish. I especially love these bag feet on bags with structure and stature: The Magnolia Travel Bag is amazing with eleven bag feet,  Anouk show off four - six. The Rather Huge Carpet bag is immediately dressed up with eight to ten feet, and a single bag foot as a button pull for the magnetic snap at the center of the bag opening surrounded by large, luscious Camellias.

Foot Dimensions

Knob Diameter: 3/4" (2cm)
Base Diameter: 3/4" (2cm)
Height from Knob top to base: 1 1/4" (3cm)

Application Instructions

Not only are these bag feet great-looking, but they are also easy to install: the knob front is a screw-in, the shank of the screw is long enough to work beautifully on felt or leather but it screws in tight enough for use on fabric bags of any sort, from those made in drapery and upholstery fabrics, to denim and canvas, to sail-cloth, to medium-weight cotton, to structured silks.

I have included a washer with each foot to hold the screw in place without pulling through the fabric.

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  • Bag Feet, 24mm, 16mm, and 12mm

    Bag Feet


    Metal Finish:

    Our line of classic bag feet are low profile with a raised edge around the top. The timeless styling makes these bag feet the ideal finishing touch for both elegant evening bags as well as casual, every-day totes.

    Available in multiple finishes and sizes that work with all of the purse frames and embellishments we carry, we have the perfect feet for your bag. 

    Feet are packaged in groups of 6 for your convenience. We recommend purchasing bag feet in tandem with our extra stiff bag bottom Stiffener.

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  • Gumball Resin Bag Feet

    Gumball Resin Bag Feet



    Gumball Bag Feet add a fun, whimsical quality to any bag.

    Made of premium resin by JUL Designs, these feet have the best, most sturdy prongs you will find anywhere: solid brass.

    Each package includes four gorgeous bag feet. 

    Choose from 12mm and 18mm sizes and an assortment of yummy colors.


    I do have a few singles, so if you would like an odd foot as a knob for a bag flap or a unique center for your camellia flowers, write to me at nora@nonipatterns.com.

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