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Amazing Snap, Magnetic

Now includes both prong and rivet-in application so you can choose which works best for your project


If you want a magnetic snap closure that makes a statement, this is the perfect snap. The pull knob on the snap will immediately become a focal point on the front of your bag, dressing up even the most unassuming bag with its high polish. I especially love this snap on bags with flaps: Anouk, and her upsized cousin Vianne show off the snap at bottom of their curvy flaps, all three of the Dinner Party Backstage bags wear it beautifully along with cabochon rivets and a great JUL handle. The Rather Huge Carpet bag is immediately dressed up with the snap knob on one side surrounded by large, luscious Camellias, and a small Camellia on the other side to cover the snap back.

Check the Additional Details tab for dimensions and application instructions.

Metal Finishes:
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  • Dinner Party Backstage Trio

    Dinner Party Backstage Bag Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    The theme of the dinner party was amateur theater, opening night. A local art deco theater with a deep stage and velvet curtains was rented out for the event. A set from a performance of M. Butterfly was half-set-up. There were old couches, a pink velvet chaise right out of an I Carte painting, an ensemble of small tables for the setting down of drinks. The code of dress was creative black tie: "bring something you can change into, or out of" the invitation had said.

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  • Hangin' on a chair

    Anouk and Vianne Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Anouk is small, playful, teaming with vibrant, youthful energy. She likes to be decorated, to change her look. One day she is stylishly sleek, without adornment, saturated color. Another day, she is glittering with rhinestones, cabochon rivets, a skull ornament, or fierce look-at-me spikes.

    Vianne is refined, formal, captivating. You admire her across the room. She, too, likes the way adornment and color can change her mood. How will you dress her?

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  • Large carpet bag with Camellia flower

    Carpet Bag in 3 Sizes


    Delivery Method:

    This classically-shaped Carpet Bag combines practicality and beauty. It makes a bold statement as a briefcase embellished with luscious camellia flowers (flower instructions included in the pattern), a great weekender bag, or a knitting bag that will be the envy of all but those who have already made their own.

    The Rather huge carpet bag really is rather huge. If the finished measurements seem rather abstract to you, get out that tape measure and make it in the air. It is BIG. And it is traffic-stopping gorgeous, with big, sexy camellias on one (or both) sides.

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  • New York Bags in Red (left/long flap) and Garnet (right/short flap)

    New York


    Delivery Method:

    They were the picture of cool as they strolled hand in hand through the leaf-strewn streets of Brooklyn. He wore a black pea-coat and black jeans, a red cowl, his long-flap red New York bag slung across his body and toward the back so he could hold Claudia's hand. She wore black boots, a flippy skirt, and belted short jacket with a big shawl collar she had innovated by sewing together dozens of removable fur collars she scored in the many thrift and vintage stores tucked away in narrow store-fronts all over the city. Her New York bag, also red, was slung low and worn on her shoulder.

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Knob Diameter: 3/4" (2cm)
Base Diameter: 3/4" (2cm)
Height from Knob top to base (excluding prongs): 1 1/4" (3cm)

Application Instructions

Not only is this snap great-looking, but it is also easy to install: the knob front is a screw-in, the shank of the screw is long enough to work beautifully on felt or leather but it screws in tight enough for use on fabric bags of any sort, from those made in drapery and upholstery fabrics, to denim and canvas, to sail-cloth, to medium-weight cotton, to structured silks.

The magnetic "back" part of the snap employs a prong application, making installation easy and quick - this won't show if you are using a lining for your bag or using it on a bag flap to close a bag. If you are putting it directly through the fabric at the top of the bag so that the prongs close on the outside of the bag, your creativity will be sparked as you consider all the beautiful ways you can cover the snap back: a felted flower, a fabric rose, your own fabric label, a found brooch, fabric or knitted ruffles, gorgeous applique.