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Amazing Snap, Mechanical


The Amazing Mechanical Snap is an exquisite piece of hardware that looks as good as it is ingenious. Both sides of the snap screw-in to the felt, so the finishing is as quick and easy as the finished results are spectacular.

The front portion of the snap has a knob pull that is simple, elegant, and a beautiful focal point on the front of your bag or in the middle of a bag flap. The all-brass interior parts make this snap incredibly durable. Rather than having a simple magnetic release, this snap actually works mechanically. You cannot simply pull the snap front knob to get the snap to release but must actually lift the knob - this action causes the aperture at the snap's interior to open, thus releasing the snap back.

The perfect choice for so many bags. Or all of the bags on your list.

Check the additional details tab for dimensions.

Metal Finishes:
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  • Magnetic Amazing Snap

    Amazing Snap, Magnetic


    Metal Finishes:

    If you want a magnetic snap closure that makes a statement, this is the perfect snap. The pull knob on the snap will immediately become a focal point on the front of your bag, dressing up even the most unassuming bag with its high polish. I especially love this snap on bags with flaps: Anouk, and her upsized cousin Vianne show off the snap at bottom of their curvy flaps, all three of the Dinner Party Backstage bags wear it beautifully along with cabochon rivets and a great JUL handle. The Rather Huge Carpet bag is immediately dressed up with the snap knob on one side surrounded by large, luscious Camellias, and a small Camellia on the other side to cover the snap back.

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  • Bedouin Bag in Three Sizes



    Delivery Method:

    The name evokes endless winds and carved dunes. The ridged construction calls to mind timeless and ancient handmade basketry re-interpreted for the modern trek.

    Inspired by the artistic yet everyday carpet bags of nomadic tribes, the richly draped top and Amazing Snap keep all your provisions secure. Best of all, each of the three oversized purses feels organically comfortable against your body and lends an adventurer's flair to all your looks.

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  • Hangin' on a chair

    Anouk and Vianne Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Anouk is small, playful, teaming with vibrant, youthful energy. She likes to be decorated, to change her look. One day she is stylishly sleek, without adornment, saturated color. Another day, she is glittering with rhinestones, cabochon rivets, a skull ornament, or fierce look-at-me spikes.

    Vianne is refined, formal, captivating. You admire her across the room. She, too, likes the way adornment and color can change her mood. How will you dress her?

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Snap Diameter: 7/8" (2cm)
Knob Diameter: 5/8" (1.6cm)
Height profile, from bottom to top of knob: 1 7/8" (4.37cm)

Application Instructions

While bag is damp, position the knob portion of the amazing snap in the center of bag back (outside) about 1/2 inch (1.25cm) from the bag opening. Mark position by piercing the felt with a knitting needle and insert male part of knob through felt. Screw the two pieces together.

Repeat this procedure for the other half of the Amazing Snap: Position the other snap component on the opposite side of bag. If screw-in, place the male part through felt from outside to inside and screw-on washer. If magnetic, place magnetic portion through felt from inside to outside, slide on washer, and open brads. Snap closed. Open the bag by pulling on the knob.