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Anouk and Vianne Pattern

Captivating yet easy companions for your daily adventures.

Difficulty: Easy

Anouk is small, playful, teaming with vibrant, youthful energy. She likes to be decorated, to change her look. One day she is stylishly sleek, without adornment, saturated color. Another day, she is glittering with rhinestones, cabochon rivets, a skull ornament, or fierce look-at-me spikes.

Vianne is refined, formal, captivating. You admire her across the room. She, too, likes the way adornment and color can change her mood. How will you dress her?

Both move with ease through any landscape, the crowded streets and plazas of famous cities, the isles of trains and old churches, gardens mysterious with fog, windswept beaches or boardwalks. Where will you take them?

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  • Anouk Hardware Kit

    Anouk Hardware Kit


    Metal Finish:

    The kit for the Anouk Bag includes all of the hardware needed to make the finished bags shown on the pattern cover: 

    Antique Brass Anouk

    • 6" (15.24cm) Arc frame
    • Six 16mm bag feet in matching finish
    • 2 Renaissance purse chains (30"/76.2cm) in matching finish
    • 60 Cabochon Rivets in Antique Brass finish
    • Best 14mm Sew-in Snap in Gunmetal finish

    NOTE:  The kit does not include the pattern or the yarn -- please purchase separately!

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  • Two skull ornaments with screws.

    There are skull people . . . The mom of one of my girlfriends has knitting and accessory bags with skull and crossbones printed on them. I've seen people wearing skulls emblazoned across hats, the backs of leather jackets, knitted mittens.

    And then there are people who don't know they are secretly skull people . . . I would be one of these. I have always been a great appreciator of the day of the dead, but not a skull person . . . until I screwed this little skull ornament onto the front flap of my

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  • Anouk and Just the Change with Cabochon Rivets

    Cabochon Rivets 20 pack


    Metal Finishes:

    Many of the newest designer handbags are decorated with cabochon rivets, and the newest releases almost always sport them. Now, the home-knitter and crafter can use these same top-quality rivets to make similar cutting edge designs on the flaps and bodies of felted, fabric, or leather bags. 

    Now available in Gunmetal, and Antique Brass so you can match your bag hardware with each, our package of 20 9mm Cabochon rivets add interest to felted and finished bags, knitted and ready-to-wear garments, coats, boots, sandal straps . . . Both rivet head and shank have smooth caps so they are pretty on front and back.

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Finished Dimensions

Anouk Bag

8 1/2" (21.25cm) wide across the front/back at bag bottom
5 1/2" (13.75cm) wide across the front/back at bag top
4" (10cm) deep
7" (17.5cm) tall from bottom to frame rod

Vianne Bag

14" (15cm) wide across the front/back at bag bottom
9 3/4" (24.25cm) wide across the front/back at bag top
6" (15cm) deep
14 1/2" (36.25cm) tall from bottom to frame rod

Pattern Difficulty

Intrepid Easy: Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, increasing and decreasing, knitting in the round on circular needles, and some hand-sewing during the finishing process.


Pre-felted gauge: 12 stitches and 16 rounds = 4" (10cm) in St st with a double-strand of worsted weight yarn.


Anouk and Vianne Hardware Kit includes:

6" (15cm, small) or 10" (25cm, large) purse frame
27" (68cm) purse chain (for Anouk)
Six Noni 24mm bag feet
Amazing Snap or Poseidon turnlock
11.25 x 13.5 in sheet of stiffener
1 Noni Design Label

Yarn Requirements

Anouk (small) Bag: 500 yds (457m)
Vianne (large) Bag: 1500 yds (914m)

Needles and Other Materials

Size 11 (8mm) 24" (60cm) circular needle
Tapestry needle & sewing needles
Nylon beading thread
Stitch markers


Pictured Samples

Each of the bags pictured was made using Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool. Anouk is pictured in Orange. Vianne is pictured in Hot Pink.

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