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Anushka Hat Complete Kit

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As soon as the weather turned the least bit cool in Autumn, even before the leaves started to turn and drop to the ground, Anushka donned one of her many furry hats. She loved the delicious softness on the inside, the poof of the fur around her face, the hand-knitted crown, the way the warmth spread through her even on the coolest mornings, the windiest days, the bitterest nights. Even late into the Spring, when the crocuses had pushed their way through the loamy soil and tulip leaves were starting to taunt her with the promise of blossoms still weeks away, she wore her hats. And so, that is how these hats came to be called Anushka hats.

Sold for a limited time during the Fall and Winter months, the Anushka Hat are made in furs so soft and delicious you might have trouble believing they are human creations. They can only be purchased in a complete kit.

These nearly no-sew, easy knitting projects that can be fit to the perfect size and are ideal for women, teens, children, or men. On children and teens, they are whimsical and fun. Fashion forward, elegant, and practical on the ladies. No matter the wearer, the circumstances, or the weather, these hats are a pleasure to wear and will keep you warm on the coldest of days.

See Additional Details below for kit contents and required materials.

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Project Difficulty Level

Intrepid Beginner Knitter, Intrepid Adventurous Crafter: Requires knowledge of knitting, picking up stitches within fabric using crochet hook, some basic sewing skills.


Approximately 8 sts and 12 rows = 4" (10cm)

Approximate Finished Dimensions

One size fits all: Pre-cut Luxe Faux Fur piece is large enough to fit a head that is 24" in circumference. Hat can be adjusted to fit most any head size.

NOTE: Finished sizes are approximate. Finished sizes may vary slightly with each hand cut piece.

The Anushka Hat Kit includes:

Anushka hat pattern
1 hand-cut faux fur hat piece
1 mini-skein of 100% wool Luxurious Bulky yarn

Needles, & Other Materials

1 yd (1m) waste yarn: cotton of a double-strand of worsted weigh wool yarn
1 Size 15 (10mm) 24" (60cm) circular needle [and optional size 15 (10mm) double-pointed needles (set)]
15/N (9mm) crochet hook
Awl for punching the faux fur
1 stitch marker to mark round
Measuring stick or straight edge
Permanent marker, medium tip
Darning needle [sharp, large-eyed needle for basic running stitch OR Sewing Machine (optional)]
Tapestry needle for weaving in yarn ends
Sewing needle and sewing thread