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Arc Frame

The frame you need to finish Anouk, 3 Confections, and the small Vintage and Bowling Ball Bags


The Arc Frame, is an unusual 6" (15cm) kiss-lock purse frame: the off-set beads that snap the purse closed invite you to carry both small and large bags as handbags. Clip a 27" (67.5cm) Classic Purse Chain to the frame and it is a shoulder bag, while our large frame is tall enough to wear it as a shoulder bag just as it is.

This purse frame makes any bag fun and even a bit flirty without losing the least bit of practicality: the bag opening itself is quite large, making it possible to carry large wallets, phones, even I-pad Minis and other necessities with ease.

To complete your bag perfectly, decorate with embellishments that match the mode of the bag and your own unique look: Cabochon rivets matched to the frame finish give your finished bag a cutting edge look shared by many designer bags. Add some screw-in spikes for an edgier look. Choose same-finish bag feet to give any bag a finished, polished appearance.

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Metal Finish:
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Finished Frame Dimensions:

6" (15cm) Frame

6 1/2" (16.25cm) wide
6" (15cm) tall from hinge to apex of arc
1" (2.5cm) deep when closed