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Arc Frame

The more you buy, the more you save! Use to make Anouk, Vintage, 3 Confections, and Bowling Ball purses.


The Arc Frame, is an unusual 6" (15cm) kiss-lock purse frame: the off-set beads that snap the purse closed invite you to carry both small and large bags as handbags. Clip a 27" (67.5cm) Classic Purse Chain to the frame and it is a shoulder bag, while our large frame is tall enough to wear it as a shoulder bag just as it is.

This purse frame makes any bag fun and even a bit flirty without losing the least bit of practicality: the bag opening itself is quite large, making it possible to carry large wallets, phones, even I-pad Minis and other necessities with ease.

To complete your bag perfectly, decorate with embellishments that match the mode of the bag and your own unique look: Cabochon rivets matched to the frame finish give your finished bag a cutting edge look shared by many designer bags. Add some screw-in spikes for an edgier look. Choose same-finish bag feet to give any bag a finished, polished appearance.

Click on the Additional Details tab for frame dimensions.

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  • Hangin' on a chair

    Anouk and Vianne Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Anouk is small, playful, teaming with vibrant, youthful energy. She likes to be decorated, to change her look. One day she is stylishly sleek, without adornment, saturated color. Another day, she is glittering with rhinestones, cabochon rivets, a skull ornament, or fierce look-at-me spikes.

    Vianne is refined, formal, captivating. You admire her across the room. She, too, likes the way adornment and color can change her mood. How will you dress her?

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  • Bowling Ball bag in Plum

    Bowling Ball Bag


    Delivery Method:

    Inspired by the voluptuous shape of bowling balls, these bags are not only roomy and fashion forward, but so easy to knit and finish that they have been deemed "So Easy, So Noni!"

    Embellish with Gerbera Daisies (instructions included!) for a stunning look that is sure to turn heads this season on the street and in the lanes.*

    Look at Additional Details below for information about dimensions, gauge, materials, and bag kits.

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  • Three Confections

    Three Confections


    Delivery Method:

    These sweet little bags are perfect for day trips, fun stops at the downtown mall, or strolls through a new city. The bags are fun, flirty, easy to make and finish, but big enough to hold the essentials: keys, wallet (within reason, you know), lipstick, and (for me) dark chocolate.

    I have left these little bags unembellished, but that certainly shouldn't stop you from adorning them with the Noni flower of your choice. My picks? Tiny camellias or forget-me-nots.

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Finished Frame Dimensions:

6" (15cm) Frame

6 1/2" (16.25cm) wide
6" (15cm) tall from hinge to apex of arc
1" (2.5cm) deep when closed