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Best Sew In Magnetic Snap 1 pack

The best snap when you don't want it to show . . .


Choosing the perfect closure for your bag is as important for function as it is for the beauty of the bag itself. The Best Sew-In Snap is ideal for any project that requires a strong magnetic closure. Use it on the inside of most any handbag, or to maintain crisp shaping on a tote. Cover the snap with a lining for an uninterrupted bag interior. Put several at the base of a bag flap. Use one to snap your key fob into the top of your bag for easy grabbing.  

But the applicability of this snap goes beyond bags: consider how the smaller sized snap may be used on garments such as raincoats or knitted sweater coats. Or to attach flowers to little bags or hats so that you can change the flowers as often as you change your mind.

Available in 3 popular finishes so you can match the hardware finish of any hardware you are using (antique brass, gunmetal, or nickel) and two useful sizes (18mm and 14mm diameters), At .40 cents each for the 14mm size and .50 for the 18mm size, you can hardly beat the pricing. Buy 1, 20, or 120! 

Metal Finish:
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