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Better Than a Carabiner Spring Gate Ring

Add this ring to your purses for increased functionality.


Increase the functionality of any purse by adding this beautifullyl simple and elegant spring gate key-chain component. Simply clip to a purse handle, a zipper pull, or even your bra strap to keep keys or tiny purses with you hands-free. Pair with the Beefy, Tap Tight Handle Loop to make a permanent attachment point on the inside of handbags or other purses and totes.

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  • Lilac bag with Spring Green flowers

    Spring Beauties


    Delivery Method:

    Spring Beauties are a woodland ephemeral that blooms in the forests of the Mid-Atlantic region where I live. The blossoms dance atop slender stalks: tiny, pale pink flowers, each of its 5 petals painted with darker pin striations scarcely visible to the unassisted eye. I was inspired by these tiny flowers (one of my favorites since I was a girl) to design a small purse that would have their timelessness, femininity, and romance.

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  • Welcome Spring in Sun Yellow and Denim with Sun Yellow Flowers.

    Welcome Spring Special Edition Pattern


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    Welcome Spring! is a delightful little purse that inspires joy. She is diminutive, perfect for secret treasures, an ideal hostess gift, and an even better Easter or Mother's Day present.



    See the Additional Details tab below for information about Pattern Difficulty, Dimensions, Gauge, Materials Needed, and the Pictured Samples.

    Pattern Difficulty 

    Requires knowledge of casting on, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, 3-needle bind off, and some hand-sewing to complete the finishing process and to make the purse linings (if desired).

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  • Hydrangea Bag in my garden.

    Hydrangea Bag Spring Wedding Colorway


    Ships in 24 - 48 hours

    Purse Descriiption

    This is a gorgeous purse. I have held onto it this long because I really just absolutely love this bag. It deserves to live with a person who will take it out and enjoy it or give it as a precious gift. Adding some hand-beading to the flowers and purse would take this project just over the top to SO AMAZING. Then both of our hands will have touched this purse.

    Perfect as a handbag, with the genuine bamboo handle draped over your arm or simply hold the handle in your hand.

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