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Cherry Blossoms

Beautiful blossoms you can add to purses, garments, necklines, hemlines . . . and more

Difficulty: Easy

The iconic cherry blossom you see on many Noni purses and decorating Ella Coats (and even Nora's summer sandals!) are now available in a stand-alone pattern. Enjoy adding these lovely, simple flowers to necklines, hemlines, table centerpieces, bags, purses, totes, and projects of all kinds. 

See the Additional Details tab below for information about difficulty level, gauge, necessary materials, and suggested yarns.

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  • Make it and Finish it ToolKit

    Make it and Finish it ToolKit



    The Make It and Finish It ToolKit contains Nora's picks for basic finishing tools, all stored in a clear-top, hinged metal tin:

    • 1 pair of Great Heron Scissors - you pick the color you like best
    • 1 screw-top tin containing 24 assorted color metal locking stitch markers
    • 2 blunt-tip large-eyed darning needles for weaving in ends
    • 1 bent tip, large-eyed needle for seaming
    • 1 sturdy metal tape measure
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Difficulty Level  

Requires knowledge of casting on, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, and some hand-sewing to complete the finishing process


Finished Dimensions

Finished dimensions vary with needle and yarn gauge. The pictured flowers were worked on a size 7 needle and measure 2.5 inches (5cm) across.



Gauge is not important for this project insofar as you can make flowers larger or smaller by changing the needle size and the yarn type. Work with fingering yarn on a size 3 needle will result in diminutive flowers. Work on size 50 needles and a triple-strand of super-bulky, and you will get pizza-sized flowers. Gauge is POWER!


Yarn Requirements

Each flower is made with between 3 - 4 yds (2.75 - 3.75m) of worsted weight yarn when worked on the recommended needle size


Other Materials

  • US size 7 (4.5mm) set of 5 double-pointed needles 
  • 5 locking stitch markers to hold stitches for each petal
  • Sharp-tipped, large-eyed darning needle for weaving in ends on the flower.

Optional Materials

  • Noni color-matched Seed Beads and Thread packages
  • Small gauge sewing needle for beading (I pick a needle that I can comfortably thread AND it will fit through a size 8 seed bead

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