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Classic Bag Feet

Our feet come in a pack of 6 and make any bag a well-heeled bag


Prices are now reduced. Further reductions are taken at check out with your discount code.

12mm feet were $4.50 now $4.00/6 feet

16mm feet were $5.70 now $5.00/6 feet

24mm feet were $6.90 now $6.00/6 feet

Our line of Classic Bag Feet are low profile with a raised edge around the top. The timeless styling makes these bag feet the ideal finishing touch for both elegant evening bags as well as casual, every-day totes.

Available in multiple finishes and sizes that work with all of the purse frames and embellishments we carry, we have the perfect feet for your bag. 

Feet are packaged in groups of 6 for your convenience. We recommend purchasing bag feet in tandem with our extra stiff bag bottom Stiffener.

Look at the Additional Details page for precise dimensions for each bag foot and bag foot application instructions. We also have a blog Q&A that may be of help: Putting Bag Feet on a Bag.

Metal Finish:
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Bag Feet Dimensions

12mm bag foot

1/2" (1.2cm) foot diameter
1/4" (.6cm) foot depth profile
1/2" (1.2cm) prong length

16mm bag foot

5/8" (1.6cm) foot diameter
3/16" (.5cm) foot depth profile
9/16" (1.4cm) prong length

24mm bag foot

1" (2.4cm) foot diameter
5/16" (.8cm) foot depth profile
3/4" (1.9cm) prong length


Bag Foot Application Instructions

The First step in successful bag foot placement is to Line the Bag Bottom of Your Bag with Stiffener:

Cut two pieces of stiffener that fit nicely within the bottom of the bag. Tack the first piece of stiffener in place using stitches that are invisible on the outside of the bag. It is fine to use long running stitches on the inside.

Next, use a long-mouth hole punch to create holes for the bag foot prongs at well-spaced intervals that will please the eye. Use the squares in the stiffener itself to make sure holes are precisely placed. Insert prongs into the little hole just created and press through (from bag outside to bag inside) both felt fabric and bag stiffener. Open prongs on the inside and press down. Repeat at desired intervals, careful to measure so that feet are evenly placed. 

Finally, cover the remaining piece of stiffener with lining fabric as desired and place in the bottom over the first piece of stiffener and bag feet prongs. Tack all thicknesses in place using invisible stitches.