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Classic Purse Chain


The Classic Purse Chain has a timeless quality that makes it the perfect choice to use with Noni purse frames that have built-in loops. To turn clutches into handbags, or handbags into shoulder bags, use the lobster claw ends to clip onto built-in or our screw-in Handle Loops.

Our 10" (25cm) and 12" (30cm) chains are perfect for tiny bags or to convert most any bag into a hand bag that can slip over your arm. The 8" (20cm) chain is perfect for small handbags. With our tiniest bags (Little Gems, Water Melon Bites, Tiny City, Small Flavor and Just the Change) the chain slips over the hand so a purse can be worn as a bangle or bracelet.

Look at Additional Details for a purse chain styling idea.

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"CHANEL" the Classic Chain with leather cord, ribbon, or make a 2-stitch I-cord that is longer than what you think you will need by about 12" (30cm). Finish off your cord and place in a small lingerie bag to felt. Felt to a good density. Next, thread through the chain.  In all of these cases, the end should be wrapped around the bottom of the last chain link, folded back onto itself, and sewn in place with sewing thread.