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Clematis on the Vine Pattern

Difficulty: Easy

Clematis is a genus that contains hundreds of species. What is surprising is that it in the buttercup family. Once you know this, perhaps you can see it: some Clematis, such as Armandi with five petals or Rooguchi with only 4, have a simplicity that makes them a resting place for the eye. 

The Clematis here is a bit more floriferous and bold, with larger blossoms that present themselves more forcefully. The bi-colored clematis was inspired by the blossoms of Clematis Barbara Jackman, dark veins down their centers with lighter outlines. 

With this pattern, you can make your own Clematis vine. Wrap them around a sculptural branch in the center of a Spring table. Decorate the Clematis Shopping Bag as pictured here. Peruse images of the variety of Clematis flowers and let your own creativity dictate a new color combination.

If you can't get enough of the Clematis, look for yet another Clematis flower pattern in my book, Noni Flowers.

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  • Clematis Shopping bag

    Clematis Shopping Bag


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    The Clematis Shopping Bag is the perfect tote for any shopping trip, for toting groceries, or as a picnic/lunch tote for the individual or the whole family.

    The large shopping bag and small lunch tote can be made striped and adorned with the Clematis flower for an eminently feminine look, or try rugby stripes or solids (without flower) for a great-looking but entirely unisex and utilitarian set of bags perfect for groceries, picking up items at the mall, or used for a family picnic or as individual lunch tote.

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Pattern Difficulty

Intrepid Beginner to intermediate knitters: requires knitting, purling, increasing, and decreasing


Gauge is not important for this pattern. Nevertheless, work each felted flower with a single strand of worsted weight, feltable yarn held throughout. To make the flowers in the size pictured, use the recommended needle size(s). For smaller or larger flowers, change your gauge by going down in yarn and needle size, or up, respectively.


Size 5, 6, or 7 double pointed needles (smaller needles create a smaller flower)
1 skein green
1 skein clematis flower color (210 yards makes 4 single-color flowers)
1 skein darker or lighter clematis flower color
1 ball or 10 yds (9m) of Cyrstal Palace Fizz, white, for flower center
Lock Stitch Markers in two colors to use as holders

Pictured Samples

The flowers were made in Shepherd's Wool by Stonehedge Fiber Mill. The solid-colored flowers were made in purple with white Fizz centers. The bi-colored flowers were made in purple with pansy edges. 

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