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Clip it Anywhere Spring Gate Key Chain

You'll never spend precious time searching for your keys again!


This lovely piece of hardware is one of my latest finds and I'm already finding it to be one of my favorite key chains ever. Here's why: The beefy chain terminates on each end with a tube through which 1.25" spring gate rings are slipped. While one ring clips to your purse strap, belt loop, or that handy hook on the wall where you hang your keys, the other spring gate easily opens for keys, your I've Gotta Run Along purse, or anything else you MUST take along with you on your dash in and out of the grocery store, dog groomers, hardware store, or your other errands. Nobody wants to linger long in the shops these days and this handy addition to keeping your keys and other valuables organized, is as beautiful as it is practical.


The spring gate rings are each 1.25" (3cm) in diameter.

The chain measures 2.5" (6.35cm)

Measurement from tip to tip is 6.5" (16.5cm)

Weight: 2.95 ounces (84 grams)

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  • Key Rings

    Key Rings


    Ring Style:

    Increase the functionality of any purse by adding this key-chain component paired with a handle loop.

    The Split Ring key chain pairs with the Regular, Screw-in Handle Loop.

    The Spring Gate key chain pairs with the Beefy, Tap Tight Handle Loop.

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