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Cornucopia Bag

Difficulty: Easy

The Cornucopia, like the iconic horn of plenty from whence it gets its name, evokes the autumnal harvest with its voluptuous shape. It's body is scored with color and texture, just like the great squashes that are ever present at the fest table.

It is a unique bag: it has a slim side profile and soft body that makes it easy to wear and carry because it is so soft against the body, fitting into a woman's curves effortlessly. It's voluminous width allows you to carry everything you need: Each bag is an ideal every-day purse. The small bag is for those ladies who travel light and want a light bag. The medium size will take you from the office to a gathering with friends, and the large size is for those who like to be prepared for all sorts of adventures at any moment . . . from the urban trek to a spur-of-the-moment weekend away.

Look at Additional Details below for information about bag dimensions, gauge, materials, and bag kits.

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  • Shepherd's Wool yarn in select colors

    Shepherds Wool Worsted



    Shepherd's Wool by Stonehedge Fiber Mill is a 3-ply worsted weight yarn made and milled in Michigan by a family-owned and run company. The yarn is fabulously soft, made from fine Merino top. There are 17 saturated solids from which the 38 heathers and 4 marls are created for a complete palette of 59 delicious colors. And Noni keeps every single color in stock so you can make Noni your source for Shepherd's Wool.

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  • Madrid Handle in Two Colors

    JUL Madrid Leather Handle



    Made in the USA from 100% Genuine Rolled Leather, these purse handles are constructed with a solid leather core sewn inside a rolled leather outer layer. The simple yet beautiful, large, tear-shaped rings draw inspiration from ladies' sunglasses with their simple yet beautiful shape. 

    Madrid handles are 18 in long and are SOLD individually. Knit loops into your bag or add a pair of handle brackets, shown below, to attach.

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  • Two Eclair turn locks

    Eclair Turn Lock


    Metal Finishes:

    Look around in a crowded plane, an airport, the busy cafe and you will see bags decorated with cabochon rivets, a bold turnlock. . . look closer and you will notice it might look just like this beautiful turnlock.

    Use on a felted, fabric, or leather bag of your own making. Or, use unexpectedly on a furry collar to snug it tight against cold weather.

    A bold 1.75" wide and 2.5" tall, this turnlock is a striking focal point on the front of your bag. Look at the Week in Venice, Ridge, or Cornucopia bags to

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  • Anouk and Just the Change with Cabochon Rivets

    Cabochon Rivets 20 pack


    Metal Finishes:

    Many of the newest designer handbags are decorated with cabochon rivets, and the newest releases almost always sport them. Now, the home-knitter and crafter can use these same top-quality rivets to make similar cutting edge designs on the flaps and bodies of felted, fabric, or leather bags. 

    Available in Shiny Nickel, Gunmetal, and Antique Brass so you can match your bag hardware with each, our package of 20 9mm Cabochon rivets add interest to felted and finished bags, knitted and ready-to-wear garments, coats, boots, sandal straps . . . Both rivet head and shank have smooth caps so they are pretty on front and back.

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  • Roased Pumpkin

    Zipper with 2 Bottom Stops



    Zippers made specifically for handbags are essential to closing and finishing some bags. Our zippers are custom-made, YKK zippers in several basic colors: each zipper has closed ends and 2 sliders so your bag can be closed from either direction, just like a piece of luggage.

    Zippers also come in a versatile 30" (75cm) length so that any bag you make can be closed by using the included bottom stops: cut down our zippers to fit perfectly no matter the size.

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  • A Noni Design Label

    The A Noni Design metal label adds a designer look and style to any Noni bag.

    The label is made in the United States out of lead-free pewter.

    Buy 1 for your latest bag, or for all your Noni purses.

    Check the additional details tab for dimensions and application instructions.


    1/2" (1.27cm)  tall
    1 1/4" (3.18cm) wide

    Application Instructions

    Attaching it is easy using 4 seed beads and a few stitches with a sewing needle and nylon beading thread.

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Finished Dimensions

Small Cornucopia Bag

16" (40cm) wide across front/back at bag bottom
10" (25cm) opening
13" 33cm tall

Medium Cornucopia Bag

20" (51cm) wide across front/back at bag bottom
11" (28cm) opening
17" (43cm) tall

Large Cornucopia Bag

22 1/2" (57cm) wide across front/back at bag bottom
12" (30.5cm) opening
18" (45.75cm) tall

Pattern Difficulty

 Intermediate: Requires knowledge of knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, knitting in the round on 2 circular needles, picking up stitches within fabric, working I-cord and intarsia.


Pre-felted gauge: 13 sts and 16 rounds = 4" (10cm) using a double-strand of worsted weight yarn.
Non-felted gauge: 16 sts and 24 - 32 rounds = 4" (10cm).


Yarn Requirements

Small Bag: 750 yds (686m)
Medium Bag: 1000 yds (914m)
Large Bag: 1250 yds (ll43m)
All Bags: 250 yds (229m) B (for contrast piping)

Needles and Other Materials

2 Size 11 (8mm) 24" (60cm) circular needles
Size 10 (6mm) needles (to work turnlock flap)
Stitch markersTapestry needle
Sewing needle
Nylon sewing thread
Locktite Superglue Extra Time Control clear-drying glue for turnlock application
Mini Phillips screw driver for use with small turnlock screws (eye-glasses screw drivers work well for this purpose)
4 seed beads to attach Noni label

One Cornucopia Hardware and Handle Kit

Hardware and Handle Kit Includes:

JUL Madrid handle (hr-33)
Noni Eclair Turnlock
'A Noni Design' label
Noni 30" (76cm) custom YKK zipper with 2 bottom stops
1 20-pack of Double-capped rivets

Pictured Samples

The cover samples were made in Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool. The small bag is made in Berries with Midnight Lake piping; the medium bag is made in Midnight Lake with Berries piping; the large bag is made in Roasted Pumplkin with Berries piping. The large bag by itself is made in Pumpkin with Berries piping.

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