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Cross Over Bags

Difficulty: Easy

EIGHT different versions! The itsy bitsy with no flap makes a great change purse.

Add the flap and you've got a purse for a wee little person who already loves bags (or a big person who loves wee bags!). . . The tiny bag with no flap is the perfect accessory for your knitting or cosmetic bag; with a flap, it's a great passport & money holder to be slung across the body under a jacket or around the waist.

The small and medium bags with no flap are the quintessential accessory bag: perfect for cosmetics, school supplies, or any little extras. Add flaps and you've got great little bags that go anywhere. Make in fancy fibers for upscale looks.

Cross Overs are the perfect canvas for your creativity: as subtle and sleek or individualized as you want them to be.

Delivery Method:
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  • Small Character

    Character Baguette Felted Cross Body Pack or Handbag


    Delivery Method:

    I was inspired by the fanny pack when I made this purse, but I wanted something that was softer and that could be worn like a shoulder bag, or a traditional fanny pack, and could also be worn as a soft, squashy cross body bag. 

    I love the versatility of this little pouch. Rivet the handle onto the purse end for a lighter, entirely different look. 

    Attach a JUL Flat Strap forager with chicago screws and you have yet another silhoette. Make a shorter handle out of a sleek, glossy fabric, sew it on with beaded stitches, decorate the purse with fabric roses, and all of a sudden you have a unique evening purse.

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  • Little Bags can be Unfelted (left) or Felted (on window sill)

    Little Bags


    Delivery Method:

    These little bags are just perfect for sunny spring days. Every time I look at these bags, they make my spirit feel younger. With room for all of the necessities, take them everywhere your flip-flops will carry you. As a Spring Basket, make felted and decorate with stripes, dots, or small field flowers.

    Finished Dimensions

    4” (10cm)wide across the front/back at bag bottom

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  • Woolly Lamb and Her Ewe in a field of Forget-me-Nots and Field Flowers

    Sheep Bags


    Delivery Method:

    I designed the sheep bag after being asked for a long time to design one. Choose from the Wooly Ewe and the Wooly Lamb - these two sizes are created by changing from a double-strand to single-strand of yarn and going down in needle size.

    These two sheep are given their personality by the way you embroider on their faces, so use your favorite sheep as your model. Or, as I did, think of a celebrity sheep (Lamb chop) or the faces of your favorite illustrator (Maurice Sendak) to inspire your embroidery.

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  • Evening bag with camellias

    Two Versions of Two Felted Evening Bags


    Delivery Method:

    This sophisticated bag is decorated with five small camellia flowers on the front. Understated. . . it has a subtle dazzle. Line it with an unexpected silk brocade and you'll delight in searching for your keys.

    Camellia flower instructions included.

    The colors and undulating I-cord embellishment evoke the waves of the ocean, while the flash of the paillettes recalls the dash and dazzle of tiny fish swimming in unison. A great little bag in green. And just picture it in grey and black for Fall 2006!

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Finished Dimensions

Itsy Bitsy Change Purse, no flap

Bag: 4" (10cm) wide x 1" (2.5cm) deep x 3" (7.5cm) tall


Itsy Bitsy Change Purse with flap

Bag: 4" (10cm) wide x 1" (2.5cm) deep x 3" (7.5cm) tall

Flap: 4" (10cm) wide x 3" (7.5cm) tall


Tiny Bag, no flap

Bag: 6" (15cm) wide x 2" (7.5cm) deep x 4" (10cm) tall


Tiny Bag with flap

6" (15cm) wide x 2" (7.5cm) deep x 4" (10cm) tall


6" (15cm) wide x 4" (10cm) tall

Small Bag, no flap

8" (20cm) wide x 3" (7.5cm) deep x 6.25" (15cm) tall

Small bag with flap

8" (20cm) wide x 3" (7.5cm) deep x 6.25" (15cm) tall


8" (20cm) wide x 6.25" (15cm) tall

Medium bag with shaped flap

10" (25cm) wide x 4" (10cm) deep x 8" (20cm) tall


10" (25cm) wide x 8" (20cm) tall

Medium bag with straight flap

10" (25cm) wide x 8" (20cm) tall x 4" (10cm) deep


10" (25cm) wide x 8" (20cm) tall


Pattern Difficulty

Intrepid beginner: Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, increasing and decreasing, picking up stitches, working in the round on circular needles, and some simple hand-sewing.



Pre-felted gauge: 12 stitches and 16 rounds = 4" (10cm) in St st with a double-strand of worsted weight yarn.



Yarn Requirements

Version 1: 65 yds (59m)
Version 2: 95 yds (87m)
Version 3: 170 yds (156m)
Version 4: 230 yds (210m)
Version 5: 330 yards (302m)
Version 6: 360 yards (330m)
Version 7: 580 yards (530m)
Version 8: 580 yards (530m)


Needles and Other Materials

Version 2

3 double-capped or cabochon rivets (matte black rivets pictured but no longer available)
1 bolt snap in matte black

Version 4

1" (2.5cm) nickel rings
4 double-capped or cabochon rivets

Version 6

2 double-capped or cabochon rivets
JUL Cool 24" (60cm) handle in black (HR7-241) (pictured on striped bag)
JUL Simple Sexy 24" (60cm) handle in black (HF6-24) (pictured on green and brown bag)

Version 7

JUL Flat ring Sleek 24" (60cm) handle in black
2 nickel rivets

Version 8

1 24" (60cm) pink handle with nickel elbow attachments
4 double-capped or cabochon rivets

All Versions

Size 11 (8mm) 16 or 24" (40 or 60cm) circular needle
Size 11 (8mm) double-pointed needles (set)
Noni 30" (76cm) custom YKK zipper with 2 bottom stops
Tapestry needle
Sewing needle
Nylon Beading Thread
Stitch markers'A Noni Design' label


Pictured Samples

All of the bags pictured were created using Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool in Zinnia, Sage, and Brown. 

Small Bag with Flap

First Edition

Version 6, Bi-color Bag:

Knit 3 rounds with A, 31 with C - 34 rounds.

Medium Bag with Shaped Flap

First Edition

With right side facing and using A, pick up and knit stitches as follows: *Pick up 39 stitches on one long edge (this will become the front or back face), place marker; pick up in last stitch on the long edge, then pick up 16 stitches on the short edge (this will become the side/end), pick up in first stitch of the second long edge, place marker, pick up in next 38 stitches on long edge, place marker, pick up in last stitch of long edge, then pick up 16 stitches in short edge, join and knit the first stitch of long edge, place a marker for the beginning of round - 112 stitches with 38 stitches on each long side and 18 stitches on each short side.