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Design Your Own Purses Bags and Totes Price includes $100 credit toward materials

May 9, May 16, May 23, May 30 from 7 - 9pm EDT


For the first time, I am offering a class that gives you the opportunity to design and execute your own felted or knitted purse designs using the exact same process I use to design the purses, bags, and totes you love. In this first- and last-of-its-kind-offering, I share all my tricks, tips, and all the knowledge I have accumulated over thirty years of designing purses and bags of all kinds and sizes.

You heard that right! In this class, I distill more than thirty years of design innovation, trouble-shooting, mistakes, and successes down to 8 hours of instruction that will allow you to design your own purses, and not just simple buckets . . . but interesting and complex shapes, purses that require purse frames, or leather handles, or have built in handles, or use found sticks, chains, or ropes as handles . . . purses you love.

Basically, if you can think it up, and it is physically possible, this workshop can help you draft it, design it, and make it yourself.*

BONUS EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: I am designing a series of backpacks that use beautiful Noni Purse frames and hardware. I will share my rough patterns with all of the participants. Thiat means that I will be sharing between 3 and 4 designs for backpacks that utilize purse frames that are available in the Design Your Own Bag Hardware Package. 

*The curriculum for the class gives you the information you need to draft and design your own purses. If you decide that you would like me to personally coach you through a design process one-on-one or draft your purse or bag concept for you, my fee is $100/hour for that work. Please reach out to me personally if this is what you are interested in.

Who This Workshop Is For

This workshop is for the person who wants to create something truly different, who wants to knit “off pattern,” or learn more about the process of designing and making a felted bag.

In this workshop, you will be encouraged and inspired to develop your own creativity, push the limits, and experiment with bag shapes, color combinations, interesting hardware and embellishments, and design as many purses as you want to . . . all in line with your own personal style. 

You will go through the process of conceiving of and designing a felted bag, purse, and/or tote using one of three basic methods of construction: using all sorts of things as inspiration, from natural objects, to haute couture bags and hats, to French pastries, to jewelry, students will draft their own projects, write a project pattern, put together their own color combinations, and knit a bag and decorations. Student will learn how to trouble-shoot potential problems and take advantage of design features, in addition to learning the basics of felting, blocking (shaping), and professional finishing techniques.

In This Workshop You Will Learn How To

  • conceive a design using the inspiration of natural forms, haute couture bags, hats, French pasteries, jewelry . . . and any other form that can be turned into a purse, bag, or tote
  • design a purse around a particular piece of hardware or hardware package, such as purse frame, turnlock, cabochon rivets, etc.
  • create a concept drawing of your project
  • choose yarn and needles to make a project gauge swatch
  • reverse engineer from a finished gauge swatch to create a to-scale schematic of your project
  • write a pattern for your unique project
  • determine the best felting method for your project for best results 
  • to block your project for beautiful structure and shaping
  • finish your project beautifully with premium hardware and embellishments, including
    • stiffener options for structured purse bottoms
    • how to apply different types of bag feet (screw-in, prong, rivet-in)
    • how to use apply purse frames (sew-in, sew-around, 
    • how to apply turnlocks, cabochon rivets, and other hardware components
    • how to hand-bead so that no thread shows anywhere

What's Included in This Workshop

  • $100 store credit toward materials for your project(s). This is a store credit only and is not redeemable for cash.
  • Pre-class worksheets that show you how to generate a series of gauge swatches so you can choose the working fabric density you prefer. 
  • 4 2-hour synchronous Zoom classroom sessions for a total of 8 hours of classroom instruction
    • Tuesday, May 9, 7 - 9pm ET  Concept Creation/Drawings/Pattern Drafting
    • Tuesday, May 16, 7 - 9pm ET  Knitting/Trouble-shooting
    • Tuesday, May 23, 7 - 9pm ET  Felting/Blocking/Structuring
    • Tuesday, May 30, 7 - 9pm ET  Finishing, Lining, and Embellishing
  • Lifetime access to the Zoom recordings of the workshop via YouTube
  • BONUS EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Participants will recieve all of the rough patterns I write for backpacks and other purses during the workshop.**

**Rough patterns are bare bones instructions for bags and purses. These will not be tech edited, glossy PDF patterns. Just so we all understand. The patterns will be for GREAT purses, but the patterns themselves will be very very basic.I will support you through your use of these rough patterns. Meaning, if you have a question in August about one of my rough patterns, I will answer it and help you and support your success.


Workshop Prerequisites

You must already be comfortable with the following skills:

  • Casting on and binding off
  • Knitting and purling on both circular and double-pointed knitting needles
  • Increasing and Decreasing
  • Picking up stitches in knitted fabric
  • Optional skills for more complex projects: grafting, colorwork, intarsia, short-rows
  • Basic hand-sewing skills (running stitch, for example)


Immediate Download
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  • Yoga Bag in Brown with Berries Piping
Everything Totes in Berries with Brown Piping

    Felted Yoga Bag and Everything Totes in 2 Sizes


    Delivery Method:

    Yoga practitioners will love the simplicity and functionality of this felted Yoga Mat Tote. A simple tie closure keeps it shut and the beautiful JUL rolled leather handle makes it comfortable on the shoulder. For those archers among us, it was pointed out to me that this might also make a great quiver!

    The pattern also includes instructions for two sizes of Everything totes. These totes have nice wide bases so you can pack a lot into them. Fold in the corners for a decidedly vintage travel bag, or fill it to the top. A zipper closure keeps your things from spilling out all over the tarmac.

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  • Little Bags can be Unfelted (left) or Felted (on window sill)

    Little Bags


    Delivery Method:

    These little bags are just perfect for sunny spring days. Every time I look at these bags, they make my spirit feel younger. With room for all of the necessities, take them everywhere your flip-flops will carry you. As a Spring Basket, make felted and decorate with stripes, dots, or small field flowers.

    Finished Dimensions

    4” (10cm)wide across the front/back at bag bottom

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  • Woolly Lamb and Her Ewe in a field of Forget-me-Nots and Field Flowers

    Sheep Bags


    Delivery Method:

    I designed the sheep bag after being asked for a long time to design one. Choose from the Wooly Ewe and the Wooly Lamb - these two sizes are created by changing from a double-strand to single-strand of yarn and going down in needle size.

    These two sheep are given their personality by the way you embroider on their faces, so use your favorite sheep as your model. Or, as I did, think of a celebrity sheep (Lamb chop) or the faces of your favorite illustrator (Maurice Sendak) to inspire your embroidery.

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  • Cross Over Bags

    Cross Over Bags


    Delivery Method:

    EIGHT different versions! The itsy bitsy with no flap makes a great change purse.

    Add the flap and you've got a purse for a wee little person who already loves bags (or a big person who loves wee bags!). . . The tiny bag with no flap is the perfect accessory for your knitting or cosmetic bag; with a flap, it's a great passport & money holder to be slung across the body under a jacket or around the waist.

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  • Evening bag with camellias

    Two Versions of Two Felted Evening Bags


    Delivery Method:

    This sophisticated bag is decorated with five small camellia flowers on the front. Understated. . . it has a subtle dazzle. Line it with an unexpected silk brocade and you'll delight in searching for your keys.

    Camellia flower instructions included.

    The colors and undulating I-cord embellishment evoke the waves of the ocean, while the flash of the paillettes recalls the dash and dazzle of tiny fish swimming in unison. A great little bag in green. And just picture it in grey and black for Fall 2006!

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