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Dogwood Necklace Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Easy

I wait for the dogwoods to start blooming. I have a pink one in my garden and in early Spring, every day I study its progress as I walk past. The grey-green balls that will one day become flowers have borne the harshness of winter, and even though early Spring days are brisk they start to unfurl. The little balls - the flowers' calyxes swell and swell until they open, miniature green dogwood flowers that increase in size and begin to turn pink as the days go by.

Soon, the woods are full of blossoms in swells and sheets of tiny dancing girls in pale glistening ball gowns, or are they flocks of white doves, or the pages from tiny books set sail on slow currents. They are ethereal and too transient for garlands. Way too quickly they are gone.

With this pattern, you can make much less transient dogwood flowers perfect for making a garland or necklace scarf that is all the jewelry you need on the days you wear it. Dress up any suit or wear it in Springtime with a spare sheet dress. Bead them with silver-lined beads and then bedeck bags small and large with them where they can float along with you wherever you go.

If you love dogwoods, look for another version of this beautiful flower and more flowers in my book, Noni Flowers.

Look at Additional Details for more information about this pattern as well as required materials.

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Pattern Difficulty

Intrepid beginner to intermediate knitters: requires knitting, purling, increasing, and decreasing.


Gauge is not important for this pattern. Nevertheless, work each felted flower with a single strand of worsted weight, feltable yarn held throughout. To make the flowers in the size pictured, use the recommended needle size(s). For smaller or larger flowers, change your gauge by going down in yarn and needle size, or up, respectively.

Yarn Requirements

250 yds (229m) of each of White, Baby Pink and Pink or Zinnia Pink with Sage centers This amount of yarn makes a pile of dogwood flowers

Each dogwood flower requires approximately 15 yards total of yarn).
To make pictured scarf, also purchase 2 yards 1/2" - 3/4" (1.5-2cm) wide double-sided velvet ribbon in the color of your choice OR 1/8th yard of velvet fabric to make ribbon cords.

Needles and Other Materials

Size 6 (4mm) double-pointed needles (set)
Locking stitch markers to use as stitch holders
Tapestry needle
Sewing needle
Seed Beads and Nylon beading thread

Pictured Samples

Pictured flowers were created with Tilli Tomas Flurries in Moss, Natural, Hope, and Bubble Gum. We regret it is no longer available; nevertheless, wonderful substitutes in Shepherd's Wool include hand-beaded Sage (or Lime), White, Baby Pink and Zinnia Pink.

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