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Dragon Fruit Purse: Hot Pink with Citron Green Hand-beading

This little dragon fruit purse is perfect for change or treasures. It is lined with a light green, pink, and white silk brocade lining.


Purse Dimensions

3.25 inches wide

5 inches tall

.75 inches thick

Ships in 24 - 48 hours
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  • Dragon Fruit Purse

    Dragon Fruit Purse


    Delivery Method:

    She wants a tatoo shaped like a dragon. She knows just what it will be like: a sinewy, lithe creature with red scales, golden ornaments at the tip of each. It will wrap around her. Just thinking about it makes her feel fierce and strong, and lucky. Powerful. All qualities associated with dragons. Though she would never boast about such things, she is also dragon loyal and generous. 

    When she saw this little purse, she decided that she must make one. She knew she would carry it with her, her lucky change purse, her lucky wallet. But she also knew she wanted to give the gift of the dragon to her dear friends, her sister, her mother, her daughter.

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  • Slim Elegant Purse in Lime Green

    The frame on this purse is absolutely stunning, with lovely scroll work on the handle and a bejeweled closure. This slim purse easily accomodates most cell phones, your credit cards, cash, and a lipstick. 

    This purse is unlined. 

    A purse chain to make this into a shoulderbag is included and can be tucked inside out of the way.


    Puse Dimensions

    7.25 inches wide at widest point 

    9 inches tall to apexz of handle

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  • Green Earth Grocery Bag

    Green Earth


    Delivery Method:

    These sturdy, water resistant, naturally insulating, use-them-again bags are a stylish alternative to plastic and paper shopping bags from the grocery and everywhere else. Stronger than other re-useable bags, the Green Earth keeps its shape when full.

    The small things we do to keep our Earth green and our rivers clean add up. Let's all knit our part.

    Pattern Difficulty

    Intrepid Beginner: Requires knowledge of knitting, purling, increasing, decresing, intarsia, and knitting in the round on circular needles.

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