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Elegant Frame in Antique Brass

This frame allows your purse to be a clutch, a handbag, or a shoulder bag . . . all with one versatile frame.


The elegant frame is attractive, practical, and versatile with a distinctly vintage appeal. It is an ideal frame for felted, fabric, and leather bags, because it is a sew-in frame with sew holes that are invisible on the outside when the bag is finished.

Used in many Noni designs, including Amazing Grace, Three Nights in a Row, Petit Four, Fancy Party, Ella's Going Out, and others, the frame converts from a handbag to a clutch when you squeeze the bottom of the little handle. The handle comes easily out of its attractive housing, making it clutch.

This purse frame also easily converts to a shoulder bag: the handle loops that swing to the inside can just as easily swing to the outside whenever you want them to. Attach the Renaissance (Antique Brass) Purse Chain to change the look and wearability of the frame to suit your outfit, mood, and lifestyle. Two chains can be clipped together to make a shoulder bag and three to make a cross body bag.

See Additional Details below for precise frame dimensions and instructions for sewing bags into the frame.

Package Size:
$12.75 to $204.00
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  • Amazing Grace in Black and White with Hot Pink Handle and Posies.

    Amazing Grace Purse


    Delivery Method:

    This is the purse I designed while thinking of all of the people during this pandemic who have done more in less time, put a tasty dinner on the table from a nearly empty fridge, helped kids do homework on one side of the table and "walked" into zoom boardrooms from the other side of the kitchen table. I thought of all the child-care, pet-care, general family care that gets done around everything else that needs to get done. I thought of how we have had to laugh while crying sometimes during the last year. I thought of the holidays we didn't get to spend together. This pretty purse is for you. This purse is the elegant, whimsical, special bag that says, "You deserve something special. I'm thinking of you. I appreciate what you do. You matter to me."

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  • Ella's Going Out Bags (one size).

    Ella's Going Out Bag Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Ella wears clothes with no pockets to weigh her down and the Going Out Bag has the same sort of mentality. She loves to dance. She is all ruffles and flourishes.

    In white, she could get married or lead the attendants to their places. In bright mossy green she'd draw every eye on the streets of New York. In mint with blushing petals, she looks good enough to nibble. In Lilac with beaded edges, she is sweet as Spring flowers. Add blue sparkle rivets to a white bag with white ruffles and she would be a bouquet for the bride. Add spikes or cabochon rivets and she gets a little more daring . . .

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  • Fancy Party in White and Pewter

    Fancy Party Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Maybe it's New Year's Eve and there is a dinner dance celebration. The Fancy Party felted handbag will look beautiful as a complement to any outfit with her understated, vintage vibe. She looks amazing accompanying a tailored suit, a flippy skirt for those fast turns, a fashion-forward frock, a pair of flared pants and a tuxedo blouse. Dress her up with a few sparkles, or make her dazzling with a lot. Cabochon rivets or spikes give her a more industrial edge that is an interesting contrast to her classic styling.

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  • Party Glasses: tall version in Zinnia, short versions in Creamsicle and Antique Rose

    Party Glasses


    Delivery Method:

    I have recently started to wear glasses . . . I can't read much of anything without them. This is a problem when I go out to dinner and want to carry a small bag rather than a large one. There is just no space for my glasses . . . so I designed this little felted handbag that converts to a clutch of shoulder bag. It's a quick knit, adorable, perfect to make as a gift or for yourself, and economical: it is the perfect marriage of aesthetics and practicality.

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  • Petit Four in Midnight Lake

    Petit Four Evening Bag


    Delivery Method:

    A one-skein project, this little vintage-style, romantic bag is fun to make and looks as sweet as the little cakes for which it was named. Embellish your little sweet with one or several of the sweetheart roses, romantic as sugar flowers (pattern included), and your little bag is a vintage-style companion for a wedding or an evening out. The perfect bag for for you to take to the wedding in a color that matches or compliments your outfit. It is also the perfect bag for bride and bridesmaids.

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  • Pretty Bauble

    Pretty Bauble


    Delivery Method:

    Bauble is a term we don't hear very often anymore, but in the early modern texts I used to study, a bauble is a lovely, pretty thing. A play thing. A trifle. 

    The Pretty Bauble is a lovely knitted and felted (or leave it unfelted) bag that is as playful as it is pretty. It is certain to become the favorite of both the woman who loves ruffles and flourishes, and the blue-jeans-wearing woman who is practical in her dress but loves a trifle of a bag. Make it

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  • Milky Way Bag

    Starry Night Knitted Evening Bag


    Delivery Method:

    When I was designing this bag, I again returned to my antique bag collection for inspiration: I looked for a purse that had vintage styling, clean lines so that the beautiful yarns I planned to use would be shown off to best effect. Make it in hand-dyed, beaded and sequined yarn for a dazzling bag that needs no embellishment save beads used as anchors for sewing the purse to the frame. See my blog on this topic

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  • Overnight Bag (front) with Weekender Bag (back left).

    The New Grace Kelly Overnight Bag . . . and Weekender Bag, too.


    Delivery Method:

    If you loved the original Grace Kelly's Overnight Bag, here is another bag to try, with as much structure and vintage styling as the original

    As I re-worked the Grace's Overnight Bag and added her Weekender Bag to the pattern in order that the bag can be made to be worn on the Elegant Frame, I, again, thought of her timeless elegance in Hitchcock's Rear Window

    I will tell my inspriation here again . . . I won't reveal the story, except to say that when the Grace Kelly character insists on staying over at Jimmy Stewart's place so she can look after him, she brings over a tiny overnight bag for a woman with such lovely outfits (you'd imagine she'd have a trunk delivered). But she is as practical as she is fashionable and pulls everything she needs out of the tiny overnight bag: stunning floor length shimmery sleeping gown, tooth brush, etc. . . . This is, of course, in the days of separate bedrooms or one foot on the floor fully clothed.

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6" (15cm) wide across top of frame

6 3/4" (17cm) wide at frame base/hinge

7 1/2" (18.75cm) tall from hinge to handle apex

How to Sew A Purse Into the Elegant Frame

Using a sharp needle and nylon thread, sew bag flaps (one side at a time) to the purse frame through the holes in the purse frame. Make stitches invisible on front side and move from one hole to next on inside. Both an exterior bag flap and a same-size lining can be sewn to the frame simultaneously. For a paraticularly pretty look, use beads on the inside of the frame to disguise your stitching: come out of a single hole, thread a bead on your needle, and then go back into the hole your needle just came out of. Repeat this procedure until the purse is completely sewn into the frame. To travel from one hole to the next, angle the needle toward the next empty hole with every pass of the needle through the bag fabric.

If felted purse flaps are a bit too wide, use the restriction of the purse frame to squeeze the flaps into place - Shorten or “ease” the felted bag flap top to 6” (15.25cm). it is possible to ease the bag flap as much as 2 inches (5cm).