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Elegant Hardware Kit with Bag Feet

This is all you need to finish Fancy Party, Petit Four, Ella's Favorite Bag, and many others.


The Elegant Frame with Feet Hardware Kit is all you need to finish beautiful felted, knitted, and fabric bags that require a 6 1/2" (16.25cm) frame size.

The hardware kit is available in 2 finishes - Gunmetal and Antique Brass - and works for a number of Noni bags listed below in the "Related Products" section.

The Elegant Frame with Feet Hardware Kit includes the following:

Gunmetal Kit

  • Elegant Snap Frame 6.5" (16.5cm)
  • 10" (24cm) Classic Purse Chain in matching finish
  • 6 16mm Bag Feet in matching finish
  • 1 Noni Design Label
  • 5.25" x 8.25" Bag bottom Extra Stiff stiffener

Antique Brass Kit 

  • Elegant Snap Frame 6.5" (16.5cm)
  • 15" (38cm) Renaissance Purse Chain in matching finish
  • 6 16mm Bag Feet in matching finish -coming soon
  • 1 Noni Design Label
  • 5.25" x 8.25" Bag bottom Extra Stiff stiffener
Metal Finishes:
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  • Fancy Party in White and Pewter

    Fancy Party Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Maybe it's New Year's Eve and there is a dinner dance celebration. The Fancy Party felted handbag will look beautiful as a complement to any outfit with her understated, vintage vibe. She looks amazing accompanying a tailored suit, a flippy skirt for those fast turns, a fashion-forward frock, a pair of flared pants and a tuxedo blouse. Dress her up with a few sparkles, or make her dazzling with a lot. Cabochon rivets or spikes give her a more industrial edge that is an interesting contrast to her classic styling.

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  • Ella's Going Out Bags (one size).

    Ella's Going Out Bag Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Ella wears clothes with no pockets to weigh her down and the Going Out Bag has the same sort of mentality. She loves to dance. She is all ruffles and flourishes.

    In white, she could get married or lead the attendants to their places. In bright mossy green she'd draw every eye on the streets of New York. In mint with blushing petals, she looks good enough to nibble. In Lilac with beaded edges, she is sweet as Spring flowers. Add blue sparkle rivets to a white bag with white ruffles and she would be a bouquet for the bride. Add spikes or cabochon rivets and she gets a little more daring . . .

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  • Petit Four in Midnight Lake

    Petit Four Evening Bag


    Delivery Method:

    A one-skein project, this little vintage-style, romantic bag is fun to make and looks as sweet as the little cakes for which it was named. Embellish your little sweet with one or several of the sweetheart roses, romantic as sugar flowers (pattern included), and your little bag is a vintage-style companion for a wedding or an evening out. The perfect bag for for you to take to the wedding in a color that matches or compliments your outfit. It is also the perfect bag for bride and bridesmaids.

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  • Friday Night in Baby Pink with Beaded Roses and Stephanotis

    Three Nights in a Row


    Delivery Method:

    My inspiration for these three little treats were small beaded bags I have in my antique bag collection. The beaded bags are from the 30s and 40s, and, for me, conjure images of young women in dazzling dresses dashing from one social event to the next . . . sometimes for three nights in a row.

    These bags are small enough, and easy enough to make, that you can knit them up quickly with just a skein or two of yarn. Perfect for holiday parties, a weekend getaway, date night, or for brides and bridal party.

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