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Elegant Snap Frame


Available in three popular finishes, this frame is attractive, practical, and versatile with a distinctly vintage appeal. It is an ideal frame for felted, fabric, and leather bags, because it is a sew-in frame with sew holes that are invisible on the outside when the bag is finished.

Used in many Noni designs, including Three Nights in a Row, Petit Four, Fancy Party, and others, the frame converts from handbag when you squeeze the bottom of the little built-in handle. The handle comes easily out of its attractive housing, making it clutch. The handle loops that swing to the inside, can swing to the outside whenever you want them to. Attach our Classic Purse Chain in your desired length to change the look and wearability of the frame to suit your outfit, mood, and lifestyle: a 10" (25cm) or 12" (30cm) makes a lovely vintage-style bag that can go with you to parties or be given as a gift. The 27" (67.5cm) Classic Chain makes it a shoulder bag. Two 27" chains [54" (135cm)] can be clipped together to make a cross body bag.

See Additional Details below for precise frame dimensions and instructions for sewing bags into the frame.

Metal Finishes:
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6" (15cm) wide across top of frame

6 3/4" (17cm) wide at frame base/hinge

7 1/2" (18.75cm) tall from hinge to handle apex

How to Sew A Purse Into the Elegant Frame

Using a sharp needle and nylon thread, sew bag flaps (one side at a time) to the purse frame through the holes in the purse frame. Make stitches invisible on front side and move from one hole to next on inside. Both an exterior bag flap and a same-size lining can be sewn to the frame simultaneously. For a paraticularly pretty look, use beads on the inside of the frame to disguise your stitching: come out of a single hole, thread a bead on your needle, and then go back into the hole your needle just came out of. Repeat this procedure until the purse is completely sewn into the frame. To travel from one hole to the next, angle the needle toward the next empty hole with every pass of the needle through the bag fabric.

If felted purse flaps are a bit too wide, use the restriction of the purse frame to squeeze the flaps into place - Shorten or “ease” the felted bag flap top to 6” (15.25cm). it is possible to ease the bag flap as much as 2 inches (5cm).