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Empire Frame without Feet Hardware Kit

(EFNF-KT-H-Antique Silver)

This kit purse kit is only available in a beautiful antique silver that augments the elegance and classic lines of this frame and its attached handle. The snap closure is decorated with hand-set crystals. Use this hardware package to finish both the 6-8-10, as an alternative frame for Les Tuileries or for any felted, fabric, or leather bag that does not require bag feet and crisp bottom shaping.

Bag pattern includes the following:

  • Empire Frame in Antique Silver
  • Matching 27 in purse chain
  • 'A Noni Design' label

NOTE: The kit does not include a pattern or yarn - please purchase separately. If you wish to purchase a complet kit with yarn, it is available in select colors.

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  • 6-8-10 Stitch Red

    6-8-10 Bag Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    6 - 8 - 10 is a sleek, slim handbag perfect for the woman who travels light. This bag is elegant, understated, and stands on her own or is beautiful embellished with a cluster of small flowers or with one large life-like Hibiscus.

    In other words, this bag is the perfect special occasion bag: make a 6 for the bride and 8s for each of her attendants. Take a 10 to the wedding you are going to later this year. Make an 8 for your Mother-in-Law's birthday, and another for yourself for the birthday party in her honor. Bead a little red 6 with a grid of black beads for your Valentine's Day date. Make an 8 dazzling with Sparkle Rivets. Make a very interesting statement with a row of small Alien Skull Ornaments across the top, just under the line of sparkly beads that hold the frame in place . . .

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  • Tuileries in Butter Yellow Silk

    Les Tuileries


    Delivery Method:

    The day was spent in the gardens, walking along avenues, under arched trellises, past espalier pear trees so laden with pears you wanted to step over the fence and pick one when no one was looking.

    Later, you grabbed that little bag you made just for this trip. Dinner in Paris.

    The bag sits on the table like a pastry or still life. The marble of the tables feels cool to the touch. It feels lovely to be watching the people walk past, lingering over a baguette, cheeses that amaze, and wine with notes of flowers, honey, fresh raspberries.

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  • Pretty Bauble

    Pretty Bauble


    Delivery Method:

    Bauble is a term we don't hear very often anymore, but in the early modern texts I used to study, a bauble is a lovely, pretty thing. A play thing. A trifle. 

    The Pretty Bauble is a lovely knitted and felted (or leave it unfelted) bag that is as playful as it is pretty. It is certain to become the favorite of both the woman who loves ruffles and flourishes, and the blue-jeans-wearing woman who is practical in her dress but loves a trifle of a bag. Make it

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