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Flirt Purse Frame

The frame for your favorite micro-tiny bag


This little frame, measuring just 3" (7.5cm) at the widest point and 2 1/2" (6.35cm) tall is just right for micro-bags, tiny hand-knitted and felted bags or fabric purses that carry little treasures and are little treasures themselves. The little bags I have designed for this frame are fun, flirty, and - trust me on this one - practical.

The Big Flirt micro-bag with a tiny purse chain handle allows you hands-free perusal of the buffet offerings and also rocks as a change purse. It does an equally stunning job as your dinner out companion. A phone doesn't fit; so you can focus all your attention on the moment. Wear your little Sugar Skull Purse like jewelry to a Halloween or Day of the Dead party. . . or, if you are like me, a skull person, put your knitting notions in it and carry it in your favorite knitting tote. It is the perfect size for small scissors, stitch markers, stitch holders, needle gauge, sewing and tapestry needle case, and stitch counter: everything you need.

The Flirt sew-in purse frame is a lovely, diminutive purse frame ideal for the felted bag, sewn fabric bags, and they're too cute to pass by without making a comment . . . and wanting one.

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  • Berry-stained Big Flirt with Chain

    Big Flirt Purse Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Big Flirt is a felted, micro-bag that will steal your heart. She's tiny, but she can carry a lot of change, knitting supplies such as stitch markers, small but essential cosmetics, or your favorite jewelry on holiday. 

    She's so quick to knit: maybe less than, or just over, and hour. One skein of yarn will make multitudes, so she is perfect for gift-knitting. Start knitting now for all the ladies and little girls on your list.

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  • Big Flirt Complete Kit

    In this hardware kit, you have everything you need to finish the Big Flirt bag.

    The hardare kit includes the following:

    • 1 Big Flirt Purse Frame
    • 1 10" (25cm) Classic Purse Chain
    • 2 screw-in handle loops to attach purse chain
    • 1 package of 6 12mm Bag Feet
    • 1 4.5" x 4.5" piece of bag bottom stiffener

    Note: the package of silver seed beads and white beading thread is no longer included in the kit so that you can

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  • Classic Frame with Loops

    Classic Purse Frame


    Frame Size:
    Frame Style:

    The Noni Classic Purse frame is a modern kiss-lock frame that works beautifully with lovely vintage style bags as well as with sleek, austere fashions. Available currently in the shiny nickel finish and four tiny bag sizes. Some frames are available in limited quantities without loops.

    The "sew-hole" feature allows the bag-maker and crafter to sew knitted, felted, or fabric bags into the frames using color-coordinated Noni Seed Bead and Thread combination packages.

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Flirt Purse Frame Dimensions

3" (7.5cm) wide at the hinge
2 1/2" (6.35cm) tall from hinge base to the top of the kiss lock
3/8" (1cm) profile