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Flower Clips

Temporarily fasten flowers to all your knitted projects, garments, and gifts using flower clips.


Flower clips allow you to move flowers around according to your fancy. Clip a Spring Beauty to the t-shirt you wear when you carry your Spring Beauty bag. Clip Bling Flowers to the sleeve of your Original Ella Coat, Cactus Flowers to the collar of your Tango Ella, or Roxy's Favorite to your ballet flats. Tie ribbons around the hostess gift neck of a wine bottle and then clip a tiny spray of Stephanotis or a single Panda French Anemone to the ribbon so your hostess can later clip to the lapel of her suit jacket.

Wearing knitted flowers in your hair is simple with flower clips - think of the bride's up-do decorated with the sparkle of fingering-weight beaded Forget-Me-Nots. Even the finest hair can be festooned with flowers using flower clips.

Clips are packaged in two convenient sizes, 10-pack and 50-pack, depending on how flower-crazy you go for yourself and how many gardening and flower-enamored friends are going to loooove getting your flower gifts this year.

For 40 flowers to make and clip into hair and onto gifts of most any sort, see my book, Noni Flowers.

Look at Additional Details for the exact dimensions of a Flower Clip.

package size:
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  • French Anemone Flower Pattern

    French Anemone Flower Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    The French Anemone, perhaps best known as a blossom favored by brides for its dramatic dark purple center and stamens surrounded by blush or creamy white petals, is a member of the ranunculus family. The flower can be found with a variety of brightly colored petals but the same dramatic center and long eyelash stamens.

    Noni's knitted version of this much loved flower is so life-like it just might fool you. Perfect in white as a single stem or a bouquet for a bride-white bag that will be cherished for years to come. Stunning in bright colors on equally bright bags, hats, the cuffs of gauntlets.

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  • Roxy's Favorite (not just for high heels)

    Roxy's Favorite


    Delivery Method:

    Never did a man's fedora seem so feminine but when Roxy clipped her favorite felted flower to the hat band. She would wear one knitted flower tucked behind her ear in shades that matched her lipstick, or clip it to the lapel of her mannish coat. One flower inspired the neckline of her dress or decorated her patent leather high heels. If she had worn flip flops. . . There would have been a single one in the center of each.

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  • Zinnia and Pink flowers on Pink Bettie Boop bag

    Bling Flowers Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Inspired by Wild Geraniums & Forsythia, these flowers are elegant through their simplicity and the classic flower shape. Beautifully dazzling when wired and embellished with a sparkle or cabochon rivet in the center, these easy-to-make and quick-to-knit flowers are lovely scattered across the front of a bag, as decorations on your latest Ella Coat, or sewn onto Noni Flower Clips and then worn in your hair.

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Dimensions of a single clip


3/4" (1.75cm) long
5/16" (1.5cm) wide


1" (2.5cm) long
5/16" (1.5cm) wide