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Forget Me Not Flower

Difficulty: Easy

This flower is a tribute to all women who have struggled against breast cancer, those who have struggled and survived and those who have not. Forget-me-nots are delicate looking flowers, but this delicacy belies their strength and tenacity. They are beautiful in the wildest and most wasted of places. They survive. They endure. They come back. The specific tributes you see below (and which also appear in the background of this pattern) are from the family members of women who have fought breast cancer. If you would like your own tribute added to this pattern (and below), please write to me from the contact page.

In loving memory of Mary Larson who had an infections laugh and boy could she whistle: fancy trills, warbles, runs of sound. Virtuous. She endured so much and was gone too soon 1912 - 1971 **  My Mum: You are beautiful, and inspiration, you fought, you won, and you inspire everyone around you to be unafraid and fight for all they are worth. Even if you lose, your spirit is not lost . . . **  Karen Barbara Carey 1955 - 2004, a perfect mum and best friend who gave me so many wonderful qualities. I am proud to have know her. Love from your daughter Krystle. **  Elaine, the most kind and generous mother anyone could have wished for. 1962 - 2003. A short life, a short battle, a long memory. Love always from your children Nadia, Carlene, David, and the grandchildren you never knew: Kacy and Abbygail. **  Nadine, a wonderful mother and mother-in-law. From Sara  **  For Maria who set us the example to live life to the full. We miss you but are truly grateful to have know you. From Judith. **  A loving tribute to JULIE CLOUD of Colorado: She is a breast cancer survivor. Twice. My dearest sister JULIE has survived seven surgeries and after ten years has been declared cancer free by her doctors. Love from Wendy.

If you love forget-me-nots, look for another version of this beautiful flower and 39 more knitted flowers in my book, Noni Flowers.

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Pattern Difficulty

Beginner to Advanced. Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, knitting on the round on double pointed needles.


Gauge is not important for this pattern.

Yarn Requirements

Blue Forget-Me-Not

1 skein Buttercup yellow

Pink Forget Me Not

1 skein Buttercup yellow

Needles and Other Materials

Size 8 (5mm) double-pointed needles
1 package Locking stitch markers
Nylon Beading Thread (optional)
Pink and blue seed beads (optional)

Pictured Samples

The pictured samples were made in Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd’s Wool (worsted weight; 100% merino wool; 250 yds [229m] per 3 1/2 oz [100g] skein) in Light Turquoise, Baby Blue, and Zinnia Pink with Buttercup centers.

First edition

First edition patterns have two row 6s. Numbers are off for the second row 6 through row 10. Here are the corrected row numbers:

Row 6 P 2. Row 7 Kfb&f ea st (6 sts). Row 8 P. Row 9 Kf&b, K4, Kf&b (8 sts). Rows 10 - 15.

Updated First Edition

Flower Instructions

Row 10 - 16 St st.
Row 17   Ssk, K4, K2tog (6 sts).
Row 18   P2tog, P2, P2tog (4 sts).
Row 19   BO remaining 4 sts.
To begin second petal, proceed to the next two stitches to the left. Move these two stitches from the split stitch marker/holder to your needle and work rows 6 - 19.