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French Anemone Flower Pattern

This early Spring bloomer with eyelash stamens adds beauty and romance to any project

Difficulty: Intermediate

The French Anemone, perhaps best known as a blossom favored by brides for its dramatic dark purple center and stamens surrounded by blush or creamy white petals, is a member of the ranunculus family. The flower can be found with a variety of brightly colored petals but the same dramatic center and long eyelash stamens.

Noni's knitted version of this much loved flower is so life-like it just might fool you. Perfect in white as a single stem or a bouquet for a bride-white bag that will be cherished for years to come. Stunning in bright colors on equally bright bags, hats, the cuffs of gauntlets.

The flowers pictured here have all been wired so as to hold their life-like shape.

Click the Additional Details tab below for information about gauge, needed yardage, and other necessary materials.

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    In this knitted version of the tropical beauty, I dissected actual flowers in order to represent the architecture of the blossoms as accurately as possible. The result is a flower that is as bold as it is beautiful and almost perfectly actual size when worked in worsted weight wool or silk. It is stunning on the front of a handbag such as 6, 8, 10 or Grace Kelly's Overnight Bag, spectacular on a cloche hat, unexpected on the wide lapel of a winter coat.

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Pattern Difficulty

Intrepid Intermediate: requires knowledge of knitting and purling, increasing and decreasing using several methods, some simple hand-sewing (and optional wiring).


To make anemones the size and appearance pictured, a gauge of 24 sts and 32 rows over 4" (10cm) in stockinette stitch must be maintained using a size 6 (4mm) needle or needle size to obtain gauge.

Yarn Requirements

3 yds (2.75m) of Light or medium green (A), 2 yds (2m) of dark purple or black (B), 20 yds (18m) of White or bright red, orange, and pink (C); 2 yds (2m) of (fingering weight) Plum (D)

Needles and Other Materials

Size 6 (4mm) double-pointed needles (set)
Locking Stitch Markers 30-pack to use as stitch holders
Sharp darning needle with a large eye
26-gauge beading wire to wire petals
Fabric glue

Pictured Sample

Tilli Tomas Whistler (worsted weight; 100% merino wool with sequins; 105 yards (96m) per 1 1/2 oz [50g] skein) We apologize but this yarn is discontinued. Shepherd's Wool in White and then hand-beaded with silver-lined clear beads is an excellent substitute.

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