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Gerbera Daisy Pattern

Difficulty: Easy

Modern, optimistic, playful, electrically colorful like little suns: this is the Gerbera Daisy. Like their cousin the Sun Flower, Gerbera Daisies brighten the darkest room, seem to contain and then emit the luminousness of the sun. It is obvious why they are the choice for wedding bouquets, for house-warming presents, or why they bring a brightness to otherwise sad days.

Put one or several on a bag and you've made a statement. Make a bouquet, Make extra long stems that twine around each other and sew them to the hem of a winter coat. I've even toyed with the idea of making very short stems and sewing their petals together like fingers twined and making not a daisy chain garland but a daisy scarf.

One on the front of a Spring Beauties bag and it could almost stand in for the bouquet at a wedding. Make tiny ones in lace or fingering weight and they are adornments on the most delicate and feminine baby hats and garments. Wrap one around the throat of a wine bottle to brighten any celebration. Boldly sport them on your summer flip flops . . . smiles playing across the faces of those you walk past.

If you love knitted flowers, look for 40 more flowers in my book, Noni Flowers.

Look at Additional Details for more information about this pattern as well as required materials.


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Pattern Difficulty

Intrepid beginner to intermediate knitter: Requires knowledge of knitting, purling, increasing, and decreasing, weaving in ends, some hand-sewing during the finishing process.

Yarn Requirements

250 yds (228.6m) each of stem, center color, and petal color
1 ball or 10 yds (9m) of Crystal Palace Fizz in white (col 7300) and other colors for stamens in flower center.

Needles and Other Requirements

Size 5 (4mm), 6 (4.25mm) or 7 (4.5mm) double pointed needles (smaller needles = smaller flowers)
Locking stitch markers in 2 colors to use as holders 
Tapestry needle
Sharp needle
Seed beads and thread (optional)

Pictured Samples

Pictured flowers were made with Tilli Tomas's Flurries (too bad it is no longer available) and Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's wool with Flurries stems in Moss for all. The top left flower was made Shepherd's Wool in Hot Pink. The yellow flower was made with Flurries in Saffron (but would look great in Shepherd's Wool Buttercup or Sun Yellow. The middle left flower was made with Shepherd's Wool in Zinnia Pink, and the bottom left flower was made with Flurries in Raspberry, a dead-ringer for Shepherd's Wool in Fuchsia. .

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