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Half Moon Purse Frame in two sizes


The Half-Moon purse frames are delicately curved kiss lock frames that have sew-holes so they can be used both for felted and fabric bags. The smooth curviness of these frames lends itself well to vintage styled bags, bags with their own soft curves. Hinged loops make it easy to convert from a little clutch into a handbag. Add our 27' Class chain in gunmetal and it's a shoulder bag.

Our own Two Scoops bag are graced with these frames: the bags were originally conceived of as a pair, like two scoops of ice cream. They are soft, drapey, luxuriously pleated bags ideal for holding a lot in a small space, best when dangling from your wrist or forearm. Lunch at Julienne's also uses the half moon frame in the larger size. For a low-profile purse with a steampunk vibe, take a look at The Locket Purses.

Wear as unadorned bags color-matched to your outfit, or decorate in myriad ways: with all over flat profile flowers such as Bling and Cactus Flowers, or with a single French Anemone (peruse the Flowers section for these and other flowers. For a cute, but more daring look, take a look in the Embellishments section where you will find small, all-over Alien Skulls, gunmetal Cabochon Rivets, and other adornments you can screw-in or rivet to your purse.

This exclusively gunmetal frame is available in 5" (12.5cm) and 6 1/2" (16.25cm) widths (at the frame bottom).

Look at Additional Details for the list of patterns that call for this frame and for the exact dimensions of the two frame sizes.

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List of Patterns that Use The Half Moon Frame(s)

Two Scoops uses both sizes of the frame

Lunch at Julienne's uses the 6.5" (larger) frame

The Locket Purse uses both sizes of the frame



Small Half Moon 

5" (12.5.cm) at widest point
2 1/4" (7cm) tall from hinge to frame apex

Large Half Moon 

6 1/2" (16.25cm) at widest point
3" (7.5cm) tall from hinge to frame apex