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Handle Brackets (Pair)


Available in three sizes, each with a slightly different aesthetic as well as attachment method, these handle brackets allow the knitter or crafter to attach different handles (or other items, such as charms or lockets) to your bag using clip rings or snap hooks.

The small and large size are both attached using included tap-on rivets: both include back plates that make the attachment both sturdy as well as attractive on the inside. The Italian-made large sized bracket is particularly beautiful and the most appropriate bracket for the finest quality bag. The medium sized handle bracket is a prong application. It, too, has a back plate that makes this piece of hardware secure in any bag, even those carrying considerable weight.

Look at the additional details sections for precise dimensions and application instructions.

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  • Twin Cities Handle

    JUL Twin Cities Leather Handle



    This sleek, hip, USA-made leather handle is imminently contemporary and features a snap hook that contains a spring mechanism, making it easy to clip on and off a ring or a handle bracket.

    You can see this handle featured on the Week in Venice bag, a fashion-forward, slouchy bag with an urban vibe. Let your creativity help you envision handle brackets and this handle on other bags, too: How about New York, or on the small Dinner Party Bag clipped to a 2 or 3" round ring? Fabulous!

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  • JUL Prague Handle

    JUL Prague Leather Handle



    Made in the USA from 100% Genuine Rolled Leather, these purse handles are constructed with a solid leather core sewn inside a rolled leather outer layer. The chunky style will add a modern sophisticated touch to your project and will outlast any bag you put them on. The snap hooks easily attach to rings or handle brackets by virtue of a hinged and spring-operated 'thumb.'

    Prague handles are 30 in long and are SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

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  • Lipstick and Change CITY bags with Lockets

    Locket Ornament


    Locket Name:

    These lockets really lock, so make sure you keep the key in a good place . . .

    Each locket makes a charming, lovely ornament for a tiny bag. Or it can be used to lock that little box of treasures. Or a secret chest. Or the two zippers of a suitcase or bag. 

    Collect them all as charms. Maybe a girl might like a little locket locked to the front belt loop of a pair of jeans. Lock some rubber band bracelets together in a bunch. Lock the front of your Ella Coat closed and wear the key on a chain around your neck. Lock the french cuffs of a blouse closed. . . Lock through the eyelet on the top of a pair of lace-up boots.

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Bracket Dimensions (plate size only)

Small: 1 5/8" by 11/16" (4.10cm by 1.75cm)
Medium: 1 1/2" by 3/4" (3.75cm by 1.9cm)
Large: 2 5/16" by 1 5/16" (5.65cm by 4.58cm)

Application Instructions

Small and large handle brackets

Both of these handle brackets are rivet-in brackets with bracket plates on the back to keep them in place. Simply put your handle bracket where you want it and press the male part of the rivet through the felt or fabric from bag front to inside. Put the back "plate' in place. Double check that you like the placement before putting some Locktite Extra Time Control glue in the rivet back or directly on the tip of the rivet front. Press the back in place and hold for 15 seconds.

The medium handle brackets

These handle brackets attach with prongs. Position as preferred, press the prongs through the felt, slide the little sleeve onto the prongs on the inside of the bag and fold the prongs inward toward each other to secure.