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Happy Daisy Screw-in Ornament

Decorate your Ella Coats, your shoes, or other hand-made and ready-made goods with these lovely little daisies!


These happy little daisy ornaments dress up most anything: the front of your jacket, the sleeves of your Ella Coat, the front of your little purses, or as a fun little surprise at the top of a large tote. 

This fun ornament is easy to apply because it has a screw-in application. Plant one or add a whole garden to your wardrobe!

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  • Gerbera Daisy Pattern

    Gerbera Daisy Pattern


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    Modern, optimistic, playful, electrically colorful like little suns: this is the Gerbera Daisy. Like their cousin the Sun Flower, Gerbera Daisies brighten the darkest room, seem to contain and then emit the luminousness of the sun. It is obvious why they are the choice for wedding bouquets, for house-warming presents, or why they bring a brightness to otherwise sad days.

    Put one or several on a bag and you've made a statement. Make a bouquet, Make extra long stems that twine around each other and sew them to the hem of a winter coat. I've even toyed with the idea of making very short stems and sewing their petals together like fingers twined and making not a daisy chain garland but a daisy scarf.

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  • Screw-in Handle Loops

    Screw-in Handle Loops



    Turn any small to medium-sized bag into a handbag or shoulder bag with Purse Chain Handle Loops. A clutch or other bag that does not have built-in chain loops is easily converted with a purse chain and these easy to use screw-in pieces of hardware. Order by the one or in packs of 2. Also available in packages of 12 for the avid bag maker or crafter.