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JUL Budapest Leather Handle


Made in the USA of 100% Genuine leather, this beautiful handle evokes the ambiance and romance of an exotic other world of old gardens, back streets, and market places full of strange and wonderful things. For such adventures one needs an amazing bag in which to carry exotic other-worldly treasures and, of course, roses, stolen, found, or spontaneously given by an alluring stranger.

Budapest is 26" long by 1" wide with 2" diameter engraved stainless steel rings and 1" wide engraved stainless steel Conway buckles.

The leather tabs include screw-rivets for fast attachment to a bag body and interchangeability. For semi-permanent attachment apply a tiny drop of clear nail polish to the threaded cylinder before screwing in the rivet. It can then be unscrewed when needed but ensures the handle stays securely attached in the meantime. For permanent attachment, use epoxy instead of nail polish.

Available in chocolate brown and black, each handle is SOLD INDIVIDUALLY.

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