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JUL Gate Closure in Pebble Black

This gate closure uses laces to sew it on bulky knits


This JUL leather hinge is wide and simple, adding drama to any garment or accessory on which it is placed.  Though this and other JUL screw-in closures were originally designed for knitwear, they may be applied to any garment to which one wants to add a snap closure and an exciting and unique fashion statement.  

This version of Gate Hinge is 'sewn' onto bulky-weight garments and accessories by threading the leather lacing from the back to the front and then tying in the back. The laces wrap around fiber, captering multiple stitches on the back.  

I love hinges on Window Shopping in Beverly Hills: they keep this stunning neck piece coiled in just the way you want it.

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  • Creamy Pewter Cowl

    Window Shopping in Soho Complete Kit



    This cowl design was inspired by a scarf I saw in a shop window in New York. I have taken many liberties with the design I saw, of course, and completly Nonified it. It is a unique cowl that, when wrapped around your neck twice, snuggles close and keeps out the brisk winds. Alternatively, leave it unwrapped when winds are not so brisk: it wears like an art piece you picked up in a shop in, well, Soho, that specializes in all things fine and custom-made.

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  • Luxurious bulky yarn in select colors

    Luxurious Bulky Yarn



    Our bulky yarn is 100% premium wool that is beautiful, durable, and a pleasure to knit. Use it to make a knitted coat worthy of handling a Maine winter. Or work densely for a poof, or even rug that welcomes and even entices you to take off your socks and curl your toes into its texture.

    Luxurious Bulky Yarn is put up in an 8oz 125 ydd (114m) 100% wool single-ply skein.

    Dense if knitted on a size 11 or 13 needle, we get 2 sts and 3 rows per inch on a size 13 - 17 depending on your knitting gauge.

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    Offered in our exquisite bulky the drape is a pleasure, and the offers itself as a wonderful canvas for your favorite shawl stick or brooch. You may not be able to make just one!

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