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JUL Lisbon Leather Handle


Made in the USA using genuine leather, JUL's Cities series of handles is inspired by the personalities of different cities by altering the configuration of the handle and the hardware used.

Lisbon is the sibling of Budapest. Where Budapest is ornamented and expressive, the Lisbon is elegant and refined, classically understated. Where the Budapest has floral motifs created with texture and contrast, Lisbon is clear of motif, deriving its charisma from form alone.

The handle is 26" (65 cm) long and 1" wide, with 2" beveled stainless steel rings for attachment to bags such as Dinner Party Backstage. Understated 1" stainless steel Conway buckles add style and allow the handle to be adjusted to an individual length. Knit loops into your bag or add a pair of handle brackets, shown below, to attach.


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