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JUL Lock Toggle Closure


Made in the USA of genuine leather and hand-assembled in the JUL studio in Maryland, this leather closure screws into knitted garments or felted bags making it a striking alternative to conventional closures.

The leather makes the closure relatively light considering the size of the Lock and its screw-in snap closures. The tongue on one side of the Lock comes up through the slot in the other side, doubles back on itself and 'locks' in place with a snap, making it extremely secure.

The Lock is equally stunning on the front of bags such as the Spectator Bag, on the flounces of an Ella coat, or adorning the folds the ruffles in the Rose Ornament Scarf in order to make either more cozy in bitter winter months. It's fabulous on cowls, conventional scarves, and most any other knitted accessory.

Dimensions: 2.25" (5.6cm) wide x 1.75" (4.5cm) tall

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  • Spectator Bag in Light Turquoise with Berries Piping

    The Spectator Bag Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    She loved the fashions from the 40s: pretty dresses that flared and swished when you walked but without the flouncy crinolines so popular in the 50s. Peep-toed sandals, spectator pumps. Men in 3 piece suits. A dirty martini at lunch.

    When she saw the Spectator Bag it was just the bag: an updated, eminently now version of spectator pump styling. She could imagine carrying it. Its colors reminded her of a blue dress with terra cotta piping she had coveted at the vintage store and regretted not buying.

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  • Plum Ella Coat with Lime ruffles, side view

    Ella Coat Rediscovered for Women Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    This first of the Ella coats came into being after I made a felted coat for little girls. The striped pattern in the little girl's coat was inspired by the piled up mattresses in the Princess and the Pea story. I even sandwiched 3-dimensional green peas between the stripes. Because a felted garment must be made so much larger than the size it will become, I was able to wear the coat before it was felted. I was smitten with the fit of the unfelted coat and the first Ella Coat was born.

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  • Flamenco Ella in misty blue

    Ella Goes to Spain And Learns to Flamenco Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    When I was a little girl and still inclined to play dress up in my mother's cast off slips, I was particularly fond of a bright red crinoline that had once been stiff enough to make a full skirt swish and stand away from the body. The elastic waist had long ago lost its stretch, and the crinoline had lost its stiffness. It was soft and sheer and I loved the weight of it, its drape, the way it swirled and moved as I moved. When I wore that crinoline, I was a can can dancer, a flamenco dancer. The skirt transformed and transported me. Clothes can do this sometimes. I dreamed of covering that crinoline with a skirt dense with ruffles.

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  • Tango Ella with French Cuffs

    Ella Learns Tango Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    The Tango is a beautiful, sexy dance: its movements are sensuous, and small gestures and details are emphatic. While I have not yet learned to Tango myself, when I designed this coat, I imagined a coat for Ella to wear when she goes to take her dancing classes: the sleeves are wide bells that follow the movement of the arms in graceful arcs. The skirt swings with a lovely drape that looks like dancing itself.

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