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JUL Rolled Leather, Screw-in Forager Handle, sold single

The perfect handle for the BoHo bag and any other bag that only requires 1 handle


Beautiful JUL rolled leather, screw-in Forager handles add style, durability, and versatility to your handmade bags.

All JUL leather handles are made to order in the USA: every pair of handles is created by hand for your unique project.

The Forager rolled leather handles attach with screws for quick attachment. They can also be rivetted for more permanent placement. If you are attaching with screws, please apply a small amount of clear nail polish or fabric glue to the inside of the screw so that it does not leave you.

The single Forager rolled leather handle is ideal for the BoHo Bag or any tote or purse that requires a single handle. See our suggestions in Related Products

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  • Small Satchel shown with Ella Learns to Tango Knitted Coat

    A Week In Venice Satchel Pattern


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    What would a felted shoulder bag look like if it echoed the elegant arches, winding, narrow cobblestone streets, and timeless villas of Venice? With this question in mind, I designed the Week in Venice Satchel, a bag with an aesthetic that marries classic design with simple lines and an understanding that when form perfectly follows function something is as useful as it is beautiful.

    Available in 2 sizes, this sleek, simple, elegant felted bag design is as easy to knit and finish as it is to carry. Its simplicity looks fabulous with blue jeans and pretty top, swingy frock, or classic winter coat. In muted neutrals, it can go effortlessly from Fall to Spring with most of your looks. Make it again in the colors of sorbet and it will go with you to the beach, to a party in Bermuda, or to the new restaurant across town.

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  • Boho in 3 sizes.

    Boho Bag in 3 sizes


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    These BoHo bags were inspired by unstructured shoulder bags that combine elements of modernity, tribal artistry, and practical functionality. The bags have a sleek silhouette, making them ideal for both casual outings and fashion forward ensembles. Leave unembellished save for their closures so they become a stunning backdrop for your personal style. Or decorate with elaborate trims or worn leather belts with mismatched buckles. These bags are a true canvas for your creativity as you make them a part of your accessory wardrobe.

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  • Cornucopia Trio

    Cornucopia Bag


    Delivery Method:

    The Cornucopia, like the iconic horn of plenty from whence it gets its name, evokes the autumnal harvest with its voluptuous shape. It's body is scored with color and texture, just like the great squashes that are ever present at the fest table.

    It is a unique bag: it has a slim side profile and soft body that makes it easy to wear and carry because it is so soft against the body, fitting into a woman's curves effortlessly. It's voluminous width allows you to carry everything you need: Each bag is an ideal every-day purse. The small bag is for those ladies who travel light and want a light bag. The medium size will take you from the office to a gathering with friends, and the large size is for those who like to be prepared for all sorts of adventures at any moment . . . from the urban trek to a spur-of-the-moment weekend away.

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  • Adventure bag trio.

    The Adventure Bag


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    Because these bags are unstructured, they must be worn like garments - they come alive on the body. The soft drape of each bag makes it relaxed enough to travel with you on any adventure, from the urban landscape, to a long anticipated evening out, to a spontaneous jaunt for a long weekend.

    Finished Dimensions

    Evening Adventure Bag

    12” (30.5cm) wide across the front/back at bag bottom

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  • Cinch Trio (from left: medium, small, and large)

    The Cinch


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    These fashionable, up-to-date bags are certain to catch the attention of bag afficionados: you're sure to be asked where you bought yours.

    In three sizes, the Cinch has a right bag for everybody: The small bag is the go-to bag for every day because it's roomy enough for everything you absolutely must have without being too big. The medium sized bag can go from the University campus, to the office, to the after work dinner or party. It is large enough for your note book and the novel you are reading without forcing you to choose what to leave home. The large bag is BIG and let's you take everything you think you might need without having to edit! It's big enough for a toddler, quite frankly. The handle is long enough for cross-body wear and your hike across town for a weekend adventure with family and friends. You'll be able to put all your favorite knitting projects in this bag, plus your weekend must-haves, plus your small cinch as the grab and go bag that has only what you need for a trip to the grocery or the movies.

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