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JUL Single Latch Closure


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  • JUL Latch Closure

    JUL Latch Closure, pair



    JUL's beautiful leather Latch closures (sold in a 2-pack) are made here in the USA, with each latch hand-assembled at the JUL studio in Maryland.

    The Latch, small and simple, evokes the rustic and homey hinge on a barn door and gains its visual power in numbers. Imagine 8 of them adorning the opening of a Milk Chocolate Flamenco Ella, turning that coat into the preferred garment of a wood nymph or Joan of Arc. Picture several lined up down the front of the Original Ella coat, or 2 to close the Orient Express Collar, or only one to adorn a split cuff such as the one on Ella Learns to Tango.

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  • JUL Rolled Leather, Screw-in Forager Handle, sold single

    JUL Rolled Leather, Screw-in Forager Handle, sold single



    Beautiful JUL rolled leather, screw-in Forager handles add style, durability, and versatility to your handmade bags.

    All JUL leather handles are made to order in the USA: every pair of handles is created by hand for your unique project.

    The Forager rolled leather handles attach with screws for quick attachment. They can also be rivetted for more permanent placement. If you are attaching with screws, please apply a small amount of clear nail polish or fabric glue to the inside of the screw so that it does not leave you.

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  • Lock Toggle Closure

    JUL Lock Toggle Closure



    Made in the USA of genuine leather and hand-assembled in the JUL studio in Maryland, this leather closure screws into knitted garments or felted bags making it a striking alternative to conventional closures.

    The leather makes the closure relatively light considering the size of the Lock and its screw-in snap closures. The tongue on one side of the Lock comes up through the slot in the other side, doubles back on itself and 'locks' in place with a snap, making it extremely secure.

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