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Just Hydrangeas Pattern

Difficulty: Easy

These flowers are so beautiful that you will want to make dozens and decorate not only bags, but garments, sweaters, shoes. . . Cover the Lipstick and Change bag or Little Gems so that the bag itself looks like a hydrangea poof we are all so familiar with. And then put on a pretty frock and go straight away to a garden party to drink tea, eat small sandwiches, and, perhaps, have a mint julep.

If you love knitted hydrangeas and other knitted flowers, look for 40 more botanical knitted flowers in my book, Noni Flowers.

Look at Additional Details for more information about this pattern as well as required materials.

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  • Potpourri of color.

    Lipstick and Change


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    I remember one of the first purses I ever owned: a gift for my birthday, it was soft to the touch and tiny. Perfect for treasured things when I was a little girl and then for grown-up girl things, like lipstick . . . and change. It carried these essentials until its sweet little kiss lock would no longer kiss.

    Lipstick and Change is my effort to recapture that beloved first purse. My update is colorful, playful, and has 3 size options (who doesn't love options?).

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  • Select Lipstick and Change City Bags

    Lipstick and Change CITY Pattern


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    CITY, the third collection of bags in the Lipstick and Change series, has a distinctly urban vibe if blocked one way, and a decidedly vintage feel if blocked another. Make it the only bag you carry on a Saturday adventure and you can walk all day unencumbered as it's slung cross body on a long silver chain. Take it to Sunday Brunch at your favorite café and you'll like how it looks sitting in the middle of the little marble table you've scored next to the window. The glances CITY gets from passersby are nice, too. Monday to Friday, it's the little bag in a bigger bag, a perfect ensemble, and the one you really need to grab when you go out to lunch. Friday night, CITY is the bag that goes with you out to dinner and a movie, dangling from your wrist like jewelry. It's so quick to knit up and finish, you might make it in colors enough to match all your favorite outfits.

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Pattern Difficulty

Beginner to Advanced: Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, knitting on the round on double pointed needles.


Gauge is not important for this pattern.

Yarn Requirements

Traditional Blues Only

1 skein each: bird's egg blue, pale blue, clear sky blue, light turquoise, medium

Wedding Mix Only

1 skein each: natural/cream, pale pink, medium pink, palest green, light green

Needles and Other Materials

Size 7 (4.5mm) set double-pointed needles
Tapestry needle
Locking Stich Markers to use as stitch holders

Pictures Samples

Pictured bags and flowers were made with Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool.

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