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Lifelike Knitted Daffodil Flower Pattern

Beautiful blossoms you can add to purses, garments, necklines, hemlines . . . and more

Difficulty: Intermediate

The beautiful, like-like and newly revised and improved knitted daffodil is now available in a stand-alone pattern. Enjoy adding these lovely, iconic Spring flowers to hat brims, hair pieces and fascinators, table centerpieces, bags, purses, totes, and projects of all kinds. 

See the Additional Details tab below for information about difficulty level, gauge, necessary materials, and suggested yarns.

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  • The Large (left) and Small (right) Day to Day Felted Purses in Baby Blue

    From Day to Day Felted Purses Pattern With Knitted Daffodils


    Delivery Method:

    These Day to Day felted purses in two sizes are as practical as they are classicly lovely. Each has a timeless quality: purses this shape have been gracing the arms of women for a hundred years. 

    The pattern contains instructions for these two classic sizes as well as life-like knitted daffodils that you can make to keep Spring alive all year long. The daffodils make great bouquets for the table and these or other Felted Purses.

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  • Nora wearing the Flamenco Ella Coat and carrying the Lattice Bag decorated with BIG Camellias.

    Camellia Flower Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    My great Uncle Henry loved camellias but was told by a famous horticulturist that the soil on his property was not appropriate for growing camellias. Never one to take no for an answer, Uncle Henry ordered truck loads of peet, humus, lime. Under a forest of long leaf pines, he planted camellias. And they thrived. For years he collected them from all over the world until he had 25,000 plants, plants as big as trees, blossoms as large as dinner plates.

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  • Cactus Flowers

    Cactus Flower Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    Walking along a dry creek bed in Colorado, the plants you find are different than the ones I'm used to on the East Coast. Foliage can be spare, shades of silver, leggy. Flowers are sparse and often a surprise. Delicate blossoms atop slender stalks swaying with the wind. Now and again there is a cactus, its bold spiky branches stark contrast to the lacy leaves and flowers of the wild poppy and chicory. The cactus blooms are as confrontational as their beefy arms: fuchsia, fire-engine red, bright orange, startling white, dandelion yellow. The petals are as delicate as the poppy's ephemeral ones. Only when the sun hits them do they open, bright translucent halo around solid yellow stamens. Bumble bees, solitary bees, and honey bees flock to their centers.

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  • Hibiscus Flower made in Shepherd's Wool Spring Chick petals with Hot Pink center.

    Hibiscus Flower Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    The hibiscus, a member of the mallow family Malvaceae, is an exquisite flower. Not only are the flowers beautiful, with an astonishing array of colors and color variations, but all parts of the flower are also edible. Petals make a sweet tea, leaves a more tannic one. The blossoms can also be found in exotic drinks, jams, and jellies, and as a sculptural addition to beverages.

    In this knitted version of the tropical beauty, I dissected actual flowers in order to represent the architecture of the blossoms as accurately as possible. The result is a flower that is as bold as it is beautiful and almost perfectly actual size when worked in worsted weight wool or silk. It is stunning on the front of a handbag such as 6, 8, 10 or Grace Kelly's Overnight Bag, spectacular on a cloche hat, unexpected on the wide lapel of a winter coat.

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Difficulty Level  

Requires knowledge of casting on, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, working in Stockinette stitch and knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, some hand-sewing and wiring to complete the finishing process


Finished Dimensions

Finished dimensions vary with needle and yarn gauge. The pictured flowers were worked on a size 6 (4mm) needle.

The flower head measures 5 - 6" (10 - 12.5cm) across from petal tip to opposite petal tip.

The center flute measures just shy of 2" (5cm) tall from base to ruffled edge.

The long stem measures 10" (25.4cm) long if you follow the pattern as written and don't shorten or lengthen the stem to suit your taste.



Gauge is not important for this project insofar as you can make flowers larger or smaller by changing the needle size and the yarn type. Work with fingering yarn on a size 3 needle will result in diminutive flowers. Work on size 50 needles and a triple-strand of super-bulky, and you will get pizza-sized flowers. Gauge is POWER!


Yarn Requirements

Each flower is made with between 8 - 10 yds (2.75 - 3.75m) of worsted weight yarn when worked on the recommended needle size

Green for the stem (A)

Pale yellow or white for the pistil (B)

Pale Yellow, bright yellow, white, or petal color (C)

Pale Yellow, bright yellow, white, peach, orange, or other center flute color (D)

Optional contrast color for the ruffled edge of the center flute (E). Choose bright orange, or other desired color. Take your cues from Nature and look at images of actual daffodils before picking your colors.


Other Materials

  • US size 5, 6, or 7 (4.5mm) set of 5 double-pointed needles - the pictured flowers were worked on a size 6 needle
  • 5 locking stitch markers to hold stitches for each petal
  • Sharp-tipped, large-eyed darning needle for weaving in ends on the flower
  • 26 gauge beading wire to wire the petals

Optional Materials

  • Noni color-matched Seed Beads and Thread packages
  • Small gauge sewing needle for beading (I pick a needle that I can comfortably thread AND it will fit through a size 8 seed bead

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