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Lipstick and Change Sparkle Pattern

Difficulty: Easy

This cutie felted bag, like its predecessor, Lipstick and Change, conjures up memories for me of beloved little purses, change purses I used for years, fancy little impractical bags I couldn't live without and carried tucked away in bigger, less decadent bags, or carried alone to dances, parties, or just because.

Sparkle, simply put, loves shiny things: tinsel, bright lights, facetted stones in bright settings. She, rather than take one thing off before leaving the house, would probably put one more thing on . . . and then maybe one more. And it better be glittery or a little over the top. Other times, she is beautiful in blue jeans and a soft denim shirt, no make-up, tousled hair. Lipstick and Change Sparkle is her only jewelry.

This little bag is adorned with beautiful genuine crystal rhinestone Sparkle Rivets. Choose from a selection of lovely colors. The pattern is identical to the original Lipstick and Change pattern except that it also includes instructions about how to decorate the finished felted bag with sparkle rivets.

Click on the Additional Details tab for more information about dimensions, yarn amounts, materials, and bag kits that include everything you need to complete this project.

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    These lockets really lock, so make sure you keep the key in a good place . . .

    Each locket makes a charming, lovely ornament for a tiny bag. Or it can be used to lock that little box of treasures. Or a secret chest. Or the two zippers of a suitcase or bag. 

    Collect them all as charms. Maybe a girl might like a little locket locked to the front belt loop of a pair of jeans. Lock some rubber band bracelets together in a bunch. Lock the front of your Ella Coat closed and wear the key on a chain around your neck. Lock the french cuffs of a blouse closed. . . Lock through the eyelet on the top of a pair of lace-up boots.

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Finished Dimensions

Small Lipstick Sparkle

4" (10cm) wide across the front/back at bag bottom
3.5" (9cm) wide across the front/back at bag top
2" (5cm) deep
4" (10cm) tall from bottom to frame

Medium Lipstick Sparkle

4" (10cm) wide across the front/back at bag bottom
3.5" (9cm) wide across the front/back at bag top
2" (5cm) deep
5" (12.5cm) tall from bottom to frame

Large Lipstick Sparkle

4" (10cm) wide across the front/back at bag bottom
3.5" (9cm) wide across the front/back at bag top
2" (5cm) deep
6" (15cm) tall from bottom to frame

Pattern Difficulty

Intrepid Easy: Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, knitting in the round on circular needles, and some hand-sewing during the finishing process.


Pre-felted gauge: 20 stitches and 28 rounds= 4" (10cm) in St st with a double-strand of worsted weight yarn.


Lipstick and Change Sparkle Hardware Kit is available and includes:

3.5" (9cm) purse frame
10" (25cm) purse chain
4 Noni 12mm bag feet
5 x 5 in sheet of stiffener 
Sparkle rivets 
Matching beads and nylon thread

A Hardware and Yarn Kit is Also Available to help with color matching. This kit adds:

1 skein of Shepherd's Wool in select colors

Yarn Requirements

Small Lipstick: 75 yds (69m)
Medium Lipstick: 95 yds (90m)
Large Lipstick: 110 yds (100m)

Needles and Other Materials

Size 8 (5mm) 16 (4cm) circular needles
Sharp sewing needle
Stitch marker to mark round
Awl or Size 6 (4mm) double-pointed needle
Locktite Superglue Extra Time Control clear-drying glue to glue bag into frame
Noni Special Rivet-setting kit (Optional)

Cover Samples

All pictured samples were made in Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool. Samples (from left to right) were made in Black, Pewter, Orange, Creamsicle, Hot Pink, Spring Green, Zinnia, and Lime

All editions up to but not including the Fifth edition:  

I want to emphasize the importance of glueing the purse into the frame prior to sewing it into the frame. However, it is best, no, imperative, that you sew the purse into the frame while the glue is drying.

Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way! I allowed the glue to dry and then could not get the needle through the felt. This made it impossible to sew the bag into the frame.

The slim good news is that the bag is obviously staying put in the frame!  So, if you didn't mind the little sew-holes being naked, you would likely be able to carry your little purse around without worry that the bag would suddenly drop from the frame without warning.