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Locket Bag in 2 sizes

Little bags perfect for knitting accessories and other daily essentials

Difficulty: Easy

I have had this little bag in mind for a while: I like tiny, flat little bags. You might have noticed this. They are just great for small things. You might have noticed that I like small things . . . These little bags are just terrific for a lip balm, a credit card, my tiny little vile of rose perfume (my favorite . . . just like actual damask roses you might find amongs the granite stones on the Maine rocky coast). They are also perfect for the other things I have with me at all times: stitch markers, my little wooden needle case full of needles of all sizes and for all functions fibery, tiny scissors that I can sneak on airplanes because they look like a little puppy - my puppy snips, a small needle gauge with built-in ruler, a retractable tape measure shaped like a flower (of course). 

The other reason I like these bags is because they are the perfect canvas for fun embellishments. You might have figured out how much I love bags as canvases for our creativity. On this one, I have put one of my favorite turnlocks - the Poseidon turnlock - and included it in the kit, too (thus the bag's name). I glued the lock on with superglue so it is more decoration than anything else. But, just to give this turnlock a little plug: it is so so cool! You don't have to make any holes in your bag: it rivets onto a bag flap and onto the bag itself. I use the glue as insurance to keep it where I want it. 

You can, however, choose your own decorations: flowers of your own making, alien skulls you can purchase from my site, a favorite brooch, the pendant from an Arcane Angel necklace - take a look: picture Monet's Garden in the middle of a Misty Blue locket, the large size. Beautiful. And in these last days, now is the time to get the last few pieces of Arcane Angel Jewelry: just think how beautiful those pendants can be decorating the smooth field of Party Glasses, or Just the Change, or Locket . . .

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Finished Dimensions

Note: Finished Dimensions are approximate and will vary with yarn choice and felting time:

6.5" (16.5cm) wide at frame hinge x 18" (45cm) circumference x 7" (17.5cm) tall from bottom to frame

Difficulty Level  

Easy knitting, skill-building finishing: Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, knitting in the round on circular needles, and some hand-sewing during the finishing process. 

Pre-Felted Gauge  

20 sts and 28 rounds = 4" (10cm) in stockinette stitch 

Yarn & Materials


Small Bag: Worsted weight feltable yarn: 55 yds (51m)
Large Bag: Worsted weight feltable yarn: 100 yds (91m)


2 size 8 (5mm) 16" (40cm) circular needles 
2 Stitch markers to mark sides, 1 of a different color to designate the beginning of the round
Size 8 Seed Beads and matching Nylon Beading Thread. Consider purchasing the Yarn, Beads, and Thread combinations that Noni has already put together for you.
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
Sharp sewing needle for sewing the purse into the frame
Clear-drying but not really fast-drying glue. I recommend either Fabric Glue or Locktite Super Glue Extra Time Control.

1 Noni Locket Bag Hardware Kit includes the following: 

1 gunmetal purse frame, either small or large
1 10" (25.5cm) gunmetal purse chain
1 small Poseidon Turn Lock in antique silver finish