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Make A Perfectly Fitting Ella Sweater-Coat

May class is sold out. If interested, contact Nora to be on the Fall class list.

(CLS-Ella Coat-)

Have You Ever Made a Sweater and Then Tried it On, Only to Find It Didn't Fit?   I have . . .

The yarn was a lovely cornflower blue. And so soft. I worked on it for a bit nearly every day. I made the back, then the two fronts, then the sleeves. I had even found an error in the pattern, had a long conversation with the publication, fixed the error myself by looking at the picture with a magnifying class. I finished the knitting and then I carefully wove in all the ends. I washed the sweater peices and carefully blocked them. Then I put it all together. Next, I made the neck and the plackets. Only then was I able to really try it on for the first time. 

And it didn't fit. 

All that work. All those hours. It was beautiful. But it didn't look good. On me.

I wanted to rip it apart, or cut it up. I was so upset, and angry, and sad.


It was so painful.

It's hard enough to get home from shopping for clothes only to realize that what looked good (or you thought looked good) in the mirror in the store doesn't look so great (or feel so great) when you put it on again at home. It's even worse when you make the garment yourself only to try it on for the first time and find it doesn't fit. It's too big, or too small, or  . . .  or . . . so many things could go wrong. It. Just. Doesn't. Fit.

I still can feel that feeling when I finished that cashmere sweater I had been working on for several months and it didn't fit: Devastating.


This is why I designed the Ella Coat:

So Every Woman Could Perfect The Fit Of Her Own Garment Before Doing All. That. Knitting. (Not to Mention Finishing)

I was tired of finishing a sweater before really being able to tell if it fit. And I was tired of approaching each new pattern with a dream of fit rather than the certainty of fit. I designed aach of my Ella Coat patterns is made in a unique way: the bodice is made first, from high waist to shoulder, a modified top down approach. You try it on and make sure it fits you perfectly. If not, it's easy to adjust. Only then do you pick up stitches at the high waist and knit down to the hem, customizing the fit and length of the skirt as you go. The sleeves also are worked differently than most sweaters so that you can make them the perfect length, also adjusting circumference as you work so that the sleeves fir your arms, not some "fit model" who has a shape nothing like yours.

In short: This class is all about fit. The perfect fit. And the perfect fit starts long before you cast on for the bodice of your Ella coat. It starts with your knitting gauge, the yarn you want to use, and your body, your measurements. Your unique shape. No two bodies are alike. Our garments should fit us for the moment in which we find ourselves. Because perfectly fitting garments feel wonderful and look great. 


Why You Should Take This Class

You will become empowered to make sweater coats, cardigans, pullovers of all sorts, and countless other knitted tops that feel great when you wear them and fit you perfectly. We start with the shape of your unique body, and the way you want to live. adjusting the Ella Coat pattern so that it will fit and flatter your individual shape. 

By the time you finish this class, you will have "written" the pattern for your perfectly fitting coat, one that can be made over and over again in different colors, in different lengths and styles, and, ultimately, in different yarn weights and gauges. In this class, you will learn how to make not just one perfectly fitting sweater, but countless ones.

Join me in this small, intimate class and I will help you find your perfect fit.


What You Get

  • The pattern for the Ella Coat of your choice: Ella Coat Rediscovered, Ella Learns to Tango, or Flamenco Ella
  • 12 hours of hands-on, student-focused instruction divided between six 2-hour instruction- and practice-focused meetings 
  • Access to the recordings of our zoom classroom sessions
  • Small class size that allows for personalized attention, including 1 thirty-minute personal meeting
  • Personal shopping assistance in the Noni Store
  • $15 store credit you can apply toward anything in the Noni Store


What You Will Learn

In this class, consisting of 8 classroom hours of instruction, plus 4 "check-in" meetings and personal help when you need it, you will learn new skills and refine existing ones. You will learn how to:

  • Measure your body and make a measurement "body map"
  • Choose the coat size that is most appropriate as a starting point or template for your perfectly fitting coat
  • Choose appropriate yarns and color combinations for a solid-colored or striped coat
  • Knit a swatch that predicts your coat size
  • Alter the basic pattern to make a cardigan or pullover Ella that fits your body shape
  • Make the bodice and confirm the fit, adding shapping details for your figure
  • Design the skirt of your coat so that it flatters your shape
  • Finish your sweater so that it looks beautiful, sleek, polished, and fits perfectly
  • Decorate your finished sweater to take it from fabulous to art: short tutorials on knitting flowers, embroidering on knitted fabric, beading, and more.


What Former Students Have Said About This Class

A few years ago I took an Ella Coat class taught by Nora. She spent a lot of time with each of us demonstrating how to take proper measurements that would ensure a great fit. Nora also taught us how to modify a pattern and make our coat  as unique and individualized as we are.. It was a great class and I highly recommend it! -Windy K

Taking the Ella Class with Nora was a real pleasure. I learned so much about taking accurate measurements and making swatches-things I normally ignored. And guess what-the Ella coatfit!! Her gentle guidance and detailed patterns make taking a class with her not only educational but completely enjoyable. -Michelle T

The Ella Coat Class is a great foundation to help you make so many creative and colorful garments: you can change the length of the coat body or the sleeves (or maybe even make it sleeveless). Decorate with stripes, polka dots, flowers…..the possibilities are endless!! It is important to note that your Ella will be exquisitely tailored for a fairly precise fit, so stitch, and row count and yarn weight are important. -Deb M.


Class Dates and Structure

Dates of the instruction and practice classes: 2-hour meetings from 7 - 9pm on Tuesdays: May 11, May 18, May 25, June 1, June 8, and June 15.

1 30 minute personal meeting, to be determined individually

Personal shopping assistance and emergency help when you need it.


Class Size

The class is limited to 8 participants so everyone gets individualized attention during our meetings. Each participant also receives 30 minutes of individualized meeting time and "just-in-time" support when needed.


Additional Details

See the Additional Details tab for prerequisites and materials.

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Students must be proficient in the following: casting on stitches, knitting, purling, and binding off stitches. Students will learn how to increase stitches in several ways for different visual effects. Students should be able to control tension while knitting in the round and/or knitting on circular needles.


  • Choose from among the Ella Coat Rediscovered, The Flamenco Ella, and Ella Learns to Tango - the pattern is included in the cost of this class
  • Small notebook to keep notes and measurements
  • The yarn recommended for this project is Stonehedge Fiber Mill's Shepherd's Wool
  • Circular needle size to obtain gauge: usually needle size is between US 6 and US 9 
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers - 4 - 6 markers 
  • Stitch holders
  • Tapestry and Darning needles
  • Sewing thread
  • Tape Measure 
  • Closures

Class size

Class size limited to 8 people so we can have an intimate, student-focused learning environment. Please register for this class ahead of time to reserve your spot!