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Make it and Finish it ToolKit

All the basics you need to finish your knitting beautifully


The Make It and Finish It ToolKit contains Nora's picks for basic finishing tools, all stored in a clear-top, hinged metal tin:

  • 1 pair of Great Heron Scissors - you pick the color you like best
  • 1 screw-top tin containing 24 assorted color metal locking stitch markers
  • 2 blunt-tip large-eyed darning needles for weaving in ends
  • 1 bent tip, large-eyed needle for seaming
  • 1 sturdy metal tape measure
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    Tiny Felted Purses From Start To Finish On January 28


    Immediate Download

    What You Will Learn in the Tiny Felted Purses in One Day Class

    • How to knit a Tiny Purse - Cute Cute! will be the demonstration purse I will be making.
    • How to felt tiny purses in different ways: in the washer, in the dryer, and by hand. I will also discuss how to felt any Noni purse.
    • How to line your tiny purse.
    • How to put (by gluing and sewing) your tiny purse in a purse frame.
    • How to hand-bead your purse.
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