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Peony Flower

Difficulty: Easy

Peonies beguile us every Spring: their round buds glisten and require the assistance of small ants to open. Alas, they are gone too quickly as Summer approaches.

Now you can carry the lushness of peonies with you all year: they look complex to make, but this pattern is deceptively easy to knit. Use them to embellish your lattice bag, your carpet bag, or put pins on them and switch between bags, coats, denim jackets, and hats. A beautiful flower for any occasion.

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    Clematis on the Vine Pattern


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    Clematis is a genus that contains hundreds of species. What is surprising is that it in the buttercup family. Once you know this, perhaps you can see it: some Clematis, such as Armandi with five petals or Rooguchi with only 4, have a simplicity that makes them a resting place for the eye. 

    The Clematis here is a bit more floriferous and bold, with larger blossoms that present themselves more forcefully. The bi-colored clematis was inspired by the blossoms of Clematis Barbara Jackman, dark veins down their centers with lighter outlines.

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Difficulty Level

Intrepid Easy: Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, knitting in the round on circular needles, and some hand-sewing during the finishing process.

Finished Dimensions

Medium Peony

Pre-felted size: 7.5" across
Felted size: 5.5" across

Large Peonies

Pre-felted size: 10" across
Felted size: 7" across


Gauge is not important for this project

Yarn Requirements

For Flowers

2 skeins White (A) Makes one large or several medium flowers.
1 skein Fuchsia (B)
1 skein Hot Pink (C)
1 ball Crystal Palace Fizz, 7301 & 7308 (Tangerine & Candy Apple)

For Sepals and Stems

1 skein Hunter green (D)

Needles & Other Materials

Size 11 (8mm) 12" circular needles (medium flower)
Size 11 (8mm) double-pointed needles (set, for I-cord and sepals)
Size 13 (9mm) circular needles (large flower)

Pictured Samples

The pictured peonies were made in White and Fuchsia with Crystal Palace Fizz centers in Tangerine and Candy Apple.

First Edition

Peony Center for Medium and Large Peony Flower: an additional "and" escaped our notice. The text for the medium flower (2nd column, top half) should read: "With a single strand of Cascade 220 col. 9040 . . ."

The text for the large flower (1st column, bottom half) should read: "With a single strand of Cascade 220 col. 8010 . . .

Third Edition only

Some text was cropped from the last sentence of the pattern. The full sentence should read as follows: "For sepal leaves that curl down, sew only a little bit, concentrating most of your sewing on securing the middle of the flowers to the leaves in the center."