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Pick a Noni, Any Noni Purse Felting and Finishing Boot Camp Sunday June 11 10AM - 4PM ET

Leave this class with a finished purse!

(CLS-Pick A Noni Any Noni)

This class is for anyone who wants some help with felting and finishing your Noni purse, bag, or tote. If you have always loved Noni purses but have not been brave enough to make one, or make a specific sort of Nonibag (such as one that requires a purse frame), this class is for you. If you knitted a Nonibag purse three years ago and it has been sitting in a drawer unfelted all this time, this class is for you. If you have always wanted to take a class with me but have not yet done so, this class is for you.

I will take you through the felting process, the blocking process, all of the different finishing tips and tricks i have amassed over the last twenty years of purse making and felting. Come to class with an unfelted lump of knitting and leave with a gorgeous finished purse.

Class Duration

5 hours of class instruction 

Class Date

Sunday, June 11rd, 10am - 4pm ET with a break for lunch

Pre-Class Work

Knit the bag, tote, purse or purses or your choice to prepare for the class. Students who follow along as part of the class to the felting and finishing can potentially finish the 3-hour class with at least 1 and possibly 2 completed purses. 

You Will Learn How to

  • Felt your purse either in the top-loading washer with a center agitator or in the clothes dryer.
  • Block your purse for a crisp, beautiful silhoette 
  • Stiffen the purse bottom
  • Apply bag feet
  • Glue the purse in a Purse Frame
  • Finish the top of the purse with magnetic or other closures, if appropriate
  • Bead the purse, if desired
  • Add other surface embellishments, such as ribbons, ornaments, or knitted flowers, to make your purse absolutely unique and gorgeous.

What You Will Get

  • 5 hours of live Zoom class time consisting of results-focused demonstration and instruction with time for your own hands-on practice
  • Life-time access to the Zoom recordings of the class
  • Project support: Nora is available to respond to questions about knitting and finishing outside of class hours

Purse Hardware Requirements

Please make sure you have the hardware necessary to complete your purse, bag, or tote, including purse frames, bag feet, mat board or other stiffener for the purse bottom, closures for the top of your bag or tote, beads or other embellishments you wish to use to decorate your purse.

Needles and Other Materials

  • A large-eyed, sharp darning needle to weave in ends
  • A small gauge sewing needle for (optional) beading
  • Nylon beading thread or sturdy sewing thread to sew beads onto your purse (optional)
  • Mat board to use as stiffener for the purse bottom
  • Super Glue - I prefer Locktite Extra Time Control or Gorilla Glue GEL
  • A pair of scissors
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