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Poseidon Turnlock

A turnlock perfect to close bags or garments


I fell in love with this turnlock when I discovered it. Not only is it terrifice to close a bag with a small or large flap, but I use it to close garments, such as the Ela coat or even fabric coats I already own. I alrernate the position of the lock so the weight is even on both sides. It is, I have to say, the coolest way to close a coat or jacket. I have a green fabric coat, for example, that is going to be sporting the small ones soon.

One of the other things I am enchanted by, besides the curriously old-time underwater diving suits vibe, is how easy these turnlocks are to apply to bags and garments. No holes necessary. Both parts of the lock are rivetted onto the front. So simple. So cool (I have to say it again). 

I don't have many left, so if you like it, or love it, better get it now. 1 or 2 for a bag and between 4 and 6 for a garment for even weight distribution on both sides (I vote for 6 . . . I mean, that's what I'm getting).

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Turn Lock Dimensions

Small Poseidon

1.25" (,63cn) width

1.5" (3.75cm) height

.75" (7.5cm) depth

Large Poseidon

1.25" (3.2cn( width

2" (5cm) height

1.57" (4.5cm) depth