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Purse Chain Handle Loops


Turn any small to medium-sized bag into a handbag or shoulder bag with Purse Chain Handle Loops. A clutch or other bag that does not have built-in chain loops is easily converted with a purse chain and these easy to use screw-in pieces of hardware. Order by the one or in packs of 2. Also available in packages of 12 for the avid bag maker or crafter.

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  • Classic Chain in four sizes

    Classic Purse Chain



    The Classic Purse Chain has a timeless quality that makes it the perfect choice to use with Noni purse frames that have built-in loops. To turn clutches into handbags, or handbags into shoulder bags, use the lobster claw ends to clip onto built-in or our screw-in Handle Loops.

    The Classic 27" chain turns any bag into a shoulder bag. Clip two 27" (67.5cm) chains together, and you can make even the tiniest purse a cross body bag.

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  • Simple Elegance Frame in Three Finishes

    Elegant Snap Frame


    Metal Finishes:

    Available in three popular finishes, this frame is attractive, practical, and versatile with a distinctly vintage appeal. It is an ideal frame for felted, fabric, and leather bags, because it is a sew-in frame with sew holes that are invisible on the outside when the bag is finished.

    Used in many Noni designs, including Three Nights in a Row, Petit Four, Fancy Party, and others, the frame converts from handbag when you squeeze the bottom of the little built-in handle. The handle comes easily out of its attractive housing, making it clutch. The handle loops that swing to the inside, can swing to the outside whenever you want them to. Attach our Classic Purse Chain in your desired length to change the look and wearability of the frame to suit your outfit, mood, and lifestyle: a 10" (25cm) or 12" (30cm) makes a lovely vintage-style bag that can go with you to parties or be given as a gift. The 27" (67.5cm) Classic Chain makes it a shoulder bag. Two 27" chains [54" (135cm)] can be clipped together to make a cross body bag.

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