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Renaissance Purse Chain

Use with Elegant frame in Antique Brass


This 15" (38cm) clip-on purse chain has a unique spiral link that makes it ideal to use with smaller purse frames such as the Elegant and Renaissance Purse Frames.

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  • Renaissance Purse Frame and Chain

    Renaissance Purse Frame is a beautiful sew-in purse frame with a scroll design that calls to mind the intricacy of a fine Early Modern brocade. The frame can adorn a clutch with the chain tucked inside, or tease the chain out and the frame floats on it.

    Use this frame for felted bags, fabric bags, needle-point lovelies.

    Frame Dimensions

    6" (15.25cm) wide at purse frame hinge

    3" (7.25cm) high from hinge to frame apex

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  • Classic Chain in four sizes

    Classic Purse Chain



    The Classic Purse Chain has a timeless quality that makes it the perfect choice to use with Noni purse frames that have built-in loops. To turn clutches into handbags, or handbags into shoulder bags, use the lobster claw ends to clip onto built-in or our screw-in Handle Loops.

    The Classic 27" chain turns any bag into a shoulder bag. Clip two 27" (67.5cm) chains together, and you can make even the tiniest purse a cross body bag.

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