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Rose: A Neck Ornament Scarf Pattern

Difficulty: Easy

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  • Dogwood Flower on Velvet Ribbon Necklace Scarf

    Dogwood Necklace Scarf Pattern


    Delivery Method:

    I wait for the dogwoods to start blooming. I have a pink one in my garden and in early Spring, every day I study its progress as I walk past. The grey-green balls that will one day become flowers have borne the harshness of winter, and even though early Spring days are brisk they start to unfurl. The little balls - the flowers' calyxes swell and swell until they open, miniature green dogwood flowers that increase in size and begin to turn pink as the days go by.

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  • Locket Convention

    Locket Ornament


    Locket Name:

    These lockets really lock, so make sure you keep the key in a good place . . .

    Each locket makes a charming, lovely ornament for a tiny bag. Or it can be used to lock that little box of treasures. Or a secret chest. Or the two zippers of a suitcase or bag. 

    Collect them all as charms. Maybe a girl might like a little locket locked to the front belt loop of a pair of jeans. Lock some rubber band bracelets together in a bunch. Lock the front of your Ella Coat closed and wear the key on a chain around your neck. Lock the french cuffs of a blouse closed. . . Lock through the eyelet on the top of a pair of lace-up boots.

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  • Large and Small Alien Skulls

    Alien Skull Ornament



    The Alien Skull Ornament, available in large and small sizes, adds a bit of whimsy to your bag. We chose to decorate Just the Change, Anouk, and our Lipstick and Change CITY bags with Alien Skulls: we found that the femininity of the bags made the skulls appear almost benevolent, even cute! But don't limit yourself to decorating just bags: jeans, t-shirts, boot, jackets, belts, and anything you can rivet is fair game. We've got our eye on the bottom of a pair of flared blue jeans for our next endeavor. Add the decorated Anouk to the ensemble, and we've got a statement to make!

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  • Two skull ornaments with screws.

    There are skull people . . . The mom of one of my girlfriends has knitting and accessory bags with skull and crossbones printed on them. I've seen people wearing skulls emblazoned across hats, the backs of leather jackets, knitted mittens.

    And then there are people who don't know they are secretly skull people . . . I would be one of these. I have always been a great appreciator of the day of the dead, but not a skull person . . . until I screwed this little skull ornament onto the front flap of my

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Finished Dimensions

50" (125cm) circumference
7 1/2" (19cm) wide

Pattern Difficulty

Intrepid Easy: Requires knowledge of provisional cast on, knitting and purling, lifted loop increasing method, knitting in the round on circular needles, bind off.


9 1/2 sts and 14 rounds = 4" (10cm) in 1 x 1 rib with a single strand of worsted weight yarn.


Yarn Requirements

245 yds (224m) of Luxurious Bulky Yarn

Needles and Other Materials

Size 15 (10mm) 24" (60cm) circular needle
Size 17 (12mm) 24" (60cm) circular needle for provisional cast on
Stitch marker
Tapestry needle
A length of bulky weight waste yarn for the provisional cast on (to hold your stitches)

Pictured Sample

The pictured sample was made in Naked (bulky weight; 100% extra fine wool; 132 yds [121m] 8 oz [226g] skein).